Skype Brush Callligraphy Workshops

I've absolutely loved teaching my SJM Brush Calligraphy Workshops throughout the South, and cannot wait to release upcoming dates soon. But, I know that I cannot travel to every city and every state to teach all of you! So, I've come up with the next best thing: Skype Brush Calligraphy Workshops!

Skype Brush Calligraphy Workshops with Simply Jessica Marie

My Skype workshops are formatted in the same way as my in-person workshops. You will have an overhead view of me creating each brushstroke, and we will cover absolutely everything. We'll practice the basics of brushstrokes from how to hold your paintbrush to mark making. Then, we'll practice each upper and lowercase letter, and use the letters to form words and phrases.

Prior to our Skype session, I will mail you a kit that has all the supplies necessary for learning brush calligraphy. These supplies are included in your registration fee, making it nice and easy!

Skype Brush Calligraphy Workshops by Simply Jessica Marie

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The investment for a 2 hour Skype Brush Calligraphy session is $125. I'm also offering a $25 discount to the first 10 people to register, so make sure to fill out the form via the link below to save your seat today! My calendar is expected to fill up quickly, as I am accepting one Skype session per week.

I'm so excited to take teaching brush calligraphy to a whole new level! If you have any questions, darling - leave them in a comment below!