Dragonfruit Margarita Cocktail Recipe

Happy Friday, my loves! It's officially past 5 o'clock, meaning it's officially time to have a cocktail in hand! You deserve one, darling.

Before I share the recipe for this delectable dragonfruit margarita, I have to admit something. I love photo styling. I love creating cocktails. I can snap a great Insta pic. Something I'm not so great at? Taking beautiful quality, high resolution photos that are perfect for my blog.

I desperately need to find a photographer bestie here in Knoxville! Someone who will put up with my (constantly) pink and gold color palette, feminine ways, and monthly cocktail shoots. If you know of the perfect photographer, please let me know in a comment below! My two current favs are bonding with their precious children they recently adopted, which I'm so happy about!! However, SJM needs some real-life photos. For now, I bring you this cocktail recipe with my original illustration for inspiration! 

Dragonfruit Margarita Recipe by Simply Jessica Marie


  • 2oz silver tequila
  • 1/4 dragonfruit with the skin removed (skin is not edible), cut up into small cubes
  • agave nectar to taste (I recommend 3/4 oz)
  • 1/2 oz lime LaCroix sparkling water (it adds a nice bit of bubbly to your margarita- so fancy!)
  • 2 drops of rose water
  • sea salt for the rim


  1. Dip the rim of your glass in the sparkling water, and then in the sea salt
  2. Combine your sparkling water, agave nectar, and dragonfruit, and muddle them 
  3. Add tequila, rose water and ice cubes to your shaker. Shake vigorously until your cocktail is chilled 
  4. Pour into your glass, garnish with a cube of dragonfruit or a slice of lime, and enjoy!

recipe adapted from Freutcake via Style Me Pretty Living