The Best Mobile Shopping App: Cataluv

Zack and I are in the process of moving into our first apartment together at the end of the month. Moving in with someone new is always an interesting dynamic, especially when it comes to decorating your space, and especially when that someone you're moving in with happens to be of a different gender. 

Our biggest dilemmas will be getting rid of the things we absolutely don't need (of course I need all of those different shaped cocktail glasses and my various spools of ribbon...) to fit our belongings into a joined space, as well as finding a way to combine our two home decorating styles. Zack prefers dark wooden pieces, whereas I love crisp white furniture. He has an impressive collection of sports paraphernalia, whereas I have a wide collection of feminine art prints. 

Although we have different design aesthetics, I'm really excited to work together to make our first apartment a home that truly looks like the two of us. While we will be scouring local shops to find fun pieces for our place, we both have busy schedules, and can't always take an entire day off to bop around from store to store. That is where my new favorite mobile shopping app comes into play!

The Best Mobile Shopping App | Cataluv Review by Simply Jessica Marie

Cataluv is a mobile shopping app for home decor that just launched in the Apple store on June 18. They have strategically combined what consumers like me love about Instagram (y'all know that's my favorite!), catalogs, and online shopping - all in one experience. Above is a look at my personal profile on Cataluv, where I have saved all of my favorite products that I can show Zack to see if they are a perfect fit for our new home.

The Best Mobile Shopping App | Cataluv Review by Simply Jessica Marie

If you adore Instagram as much as I do, you'll quickly notice that Cataluv works with a similar structure, making it easy to use and comfortably familiar. Once you open the app, you can scroll through your feed, which contains products from a variety of retailers. If you see one that catches your eye, simply click on the image, and it will give you a closer look at the details within that picture. 

The Best Mobile Shopping App | Cataluv Review by Simply Jessica Marie

If you scroll down past the main image and description, you'll notice that all of the items within that picture are listed as separate, shoppable products! There is a quick view of the product image, title, and price.

The Best Mobile Shopping App | Cataluv Review by Simply Jessica Marie

See something that really catches your eye? Simply click on that product, and it will bring you to a page that has a more detailed description of the product, along with multiple lifestyle views to give you a better look at the item. This wood & marble cheese board is the perfect combination of my white obsession and Zack's love of wooden details!

The Best Mobile Shopping App | Cataluv Review by Simply Jessica Marie

If you're already sold on the item and know you have to have it, you can click the buy it now button, select the quantity you're interested in, and check out. Or, if you need a little more time to think over your decision, you can luv the item, which will add it to your profile to view later. You can also share the item with someone via text, email, Twitter or Facebook, which is perfect for when I want to show something to Zack!

It's as easy as that, loves! I'm excited to continue using Cataluv throughout our home decorating experience, and can't wait to see the new products that are constantly being added to the feed. They have such a wonderfully diverse group of retailers, and are always looking for new partners. If you have a shop that specializes in home decor, feel free to email to chat about a partnership!

Sonador Green Throw from Maya Mueble

One of my favorite retail partners with Cataluv, Maya Mueble, has so generously decided to give this darling and oh so cozy green Soñador Throw to one of you lucky ladies or gents! The throw was handloomed by a collective of weavers in El Salvador using a traditional foot-treadle loom. How cool is that? Do you love it as much as I do? If so, make sure to check my Instagram at 9pm EST tonight for the giveaway details!

It is important to note that this post was in no way sponsored by Cataluv. All of the opinions I've shared above are my own from my experience using the app. I truly think it is a wonderful new way to shop, and hope you adore it too!