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One of the very first things I knew I had to develop during my brand refresh was a meaningful brand mission. Something that could help to guide each decision I would make in my business. I believe it is something that every business should have, and should be proud of! Today, I'm giving you insight into how I created a meaningful mission statement, and how you can too.

How to Create a Meaningful Mission for Your Brand by Simply Jessica Marie

Your brand mission will become your guiding light in business. It will be there for you to reference when you are considering a new product launch, marketing outlet, collaboration, or custom client inquiry. You should be able to look to your mission statement during a time of question or hesitation, and see if your new opportunity fits with your mission.

So, how do you build a meaningful mission statement? These steps below should help!

STEP 1: Determine your core values

If you've attended creative business workshops, you have probably been asked to go through this exercise, and I agree that it is extremely important! Your core values are the values that are intrinsic to you as a person. They have guided your actions throughout your life, and are the ones that have not wavered over time. They are what you find most important in life, and what will help you to define your voice and mission in business as well.

There are many values (just Google, and I'm sure you will find a large list if you need inspiration!), and it might seem tricky to decide which ones are your core values at first. If you need help, think about how you spend your time and make your decisions. What guides those decisions and why do you spend your time doing what you do? Here is my list of core values:


I have always operated with these values, and know that I always will. They are at my core, and are also at the core of SJM!

STEP 2: Use Your Core Values to Create Belief Statements

With your core values in mind, start thinking about what you truly believe in life. This mission is for your business, but as creatives, we are our business. So, your belief statements will likely stem from what you believe in life.

Your belief statements will be completely unique to you. There is no right or wrong thing to believe. The key element of your belief statements is that you so firmly believe in them that you could argue their value to someone who is questioning them.

Take a look at my brand mission below. I know that there will be other business owners who do not agree with my second belief statement. There will be people who argue that there are too many creatives in the world, that it is an over-saturated business. I would counter that saying that there is room for everyone to create in this world, and that we should be fostering a sense of community over competition. That more raw beauty is always a good thing.

STEP 3: Make sure your belief statements tie to your core values

Once you have created your belief statements, it is always a good thing to review and refine them. You should be able to read each belief statement, and tie it to one or more of your core values. That way, you know it is something that is truly important to you and your business.

Here are examples of how my belief statements tie to my core values:

"I believe that sending a handwritten note out of the blue is often times the sweetest surprise" ties to my core value of thoughtfulness.

"I believe that every person and every couple has a unique story to tell, one that gets more meaningful with time" ties to my core value of legacy.

Step 4: Make sure your belief statements tie to your business

This step is key in making sure your belief statements accurately reflect your brand. It is wonderful to have many belief statements, but carefully select the ones that make sense for your business to be a part of your brand's mission. Here are how some of my belief statements tie to my business:

"I believe that the world can never have enough beauty, and that it is our job to create meaningful, from-the-heart art in all that we do" ties to the educational side of SJM. I will think it is so important to always be learning something new, which is why I offer one-on-one coaching sessions, speak at creative conferences, and will soon be offering in-person watercolor workshops.

"I believe that art doesn't exist solely in paintings and photographs. I believe it exists in the simple things, like through the smile brought to a person's face from a soft kiss on the cheek" relates to how I strive to inspire my clients. The way in which I interact with them hopefully inspires them to see art in the little beauties in life, and to remember to always love on one another.

"I believe it is just as important to schedule dates with your mama and friends as it is with your loved one" is something that I absolutely hold true in my heart. It inspired products that I currently have in the SJM shop, like my personalized stationery sets, which are perfect for sending sweet notes asking to catch up on life.

So, there you have it! That is how I created a meaningful mission statement for Simply Jessica Marie. I hope it helps you through the same process, and I'm excited to see how it helps you to truly think about the core of your business. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to comment below!

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