Custom Watercolor Wedding Family Painting

There's hardly anything that gets me more excited than when someone contacts me to commission a wedding painting. I find it so wonderfully special that they are interested in creating a keepsake from their wedding day, or from a friend or family member's wedding day. And when they ask for it as a gift to a loved one? Even better!

Wedding Family Portrait

My sweet friend Kaylee contacted me before Christmas to ask if I could paint a portrait of their family from her brother's wedding as a gift to her mom. The picture is beautiful, and it was so much fun recreating it with paint!

Custom Watercolor Wedding Family Painting by Simply Jessica Marie
Custom Watercolor Wedding Family Painting by Simply Jessica Marie

SC Stockshop

While elements of this painting were really fun to paint, from the bride's gorgeous hair and gown to Kaylee's bouquet, her mom's watercolor dress, and the gentlemen's crisp blue suits, the aspect that was the most exciting was knowing that Kaylee's mom was going to be overjoyed when opening this as a git on Christmas morning!

Have you recently gotten married, or have you attended a loved one's wedding? I would absolutely love to talk with you about bringing one of your favorite images to life through a watercolor painting! Contact me to chat today, or read more about my custom watercolor paintings to see information about my design process!