You Mean The World To Me Adoption Art Print & Greeting Card

I am so excited to share something so near and dear to my heart with you today! Ever since I met Casey & Kristin (now my future brother and sister-in-law!!) and heard the story about their adoption, I knew that I wanted to do something special to help them get closer to their goal of bringing their baby home from China.

Their story (which I would love for you to read here on their blog) is one that I believe so many of you can relate to. There are so many couples who have a strong heart for adoption, and are still in the waiting process of bringing their little one home to be with them. 

These couples already have so much love for a little one that they most likely haven't even met yet. These babies mean the world to them, and that is what inspired me to create this painting.

I wanted to turn this illustration into both an art print and a greeting card. The art print (which you can shop for here) would be absolutely darling framed in a nursery! I intentionally included both blue and pink into this painting, making it perfect for a little boy or girl. 

I love the greeting card (which you can shop for here), and think that it would be so wonderful to send to a friend, loved one, or a couple that you know is going through the adoption process!

The wonderful thing about these cards and art prints is that they are ones that everyone can enjoy. Even if you are not going through the adoption process, I am sure that there are people in your life who mean the world to you, and would so love to receive either or both of these from you. I know it would make my day!

What's even better? I will be donating all of the net proceeds from the sales of these art prints and greeting cards to Casey and Kristin's adoption! They are so close to their fundraising goal, and it would mean so much to them and to our entire family if you are able to help support them in getting their little loved one in their arms!

Casey and Kristin Peddicord Adoption Photo

I also wanted to share this darling custom painting that I created for Casey and Kristin for Christmas! As soon as I saw this photo from their adoption photo shoot, I knew I wanted to paint it for them as a gift. It is such a sweet photo that captures the love that they have for their baby and for all three of them as a family! 

Are you going through the adoption process? If so, I'd love for you to share your story in a comment below! 

If you know a couple who is adopting that would love a custom painting, send me a message here to chat all about the fun details!