Proposal Photos Sneak Peek | KLP Photography

This past weekend was one full of so much love. It was my first Valentine's Day spent with Zack. Our very first Valentine's Day, and our first Valentine's Day as an engaged couple!

One of the things that I love most about this man is that he makes every ordinary day as full of love as Valentine's Day. Each look my way still gives me butterflies, each kiss fills me with such joy, and each "I love you" makes my heart melt. 

There is hardly anything as amazing as seeing our love captured in photos, and my future sister-in-law Kristin of KLP Photography could not have captured them more beautifully. Here are a few of our favorites.

Zack and Jessica Nashville Engagement | KLP Photography
Zack and Jessica Nashville Engagement | KLP Photography
Zack and Jessica Nashville Engagement | KLP Photography

There are many more photos that we both love, and cannot wait to share with y'all! But, we will be waiting until May to do so, because we have a fun little surprise! My favorite ladies at Southern Weddings have asked me to blog about our engagement story and wedding planning process on their blog! Lisa's wedding planning story will continue through April, and our journey will begin on their blog in May!

So, what will this look like? Once per month, Zack and I will share our wedding planning process from beginning to end. We will post about our relationship and how Zack proposed, about how we have selected our venues and vendors, how I will ask my bridesmaids to be a part of our big day, our save the dates and invitations (which yes, I will be designing myself!!), our wedding fashion (Zack's will be just as dapper as mine is pretty), and more. 

If there are any topics that you are curious about that you would love to learn more on how Zack and I approach them while wedding planning, please post them in a comment below! Throughout this journey, the two of us want to be able to both share our love story and also help other brides and grooms throughout their planning process. We want to be a source of inspiration and a resource for others, and feel so lucky that the Southern Weddings ladies have asked us to share everything with their wonderful readers!

Here's to making an already amazing wedding planning journey even more exciting than I ever thought possible, and to creating a marriage even more beautiful than our wedding.