Custom Mardi Gras Watercolor Painting

I adore all things fancy. I just love getting dressed up. I love seeing how others dress for parties. That is why I was over the moon excited when this lovely lady commissioned a custom watercolor from me of her all dolled up for Mardi Gras!

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There is so much amazing, rich detail in her outfit! I really wanted to accentuate the feathers and crystals, as well as the vibrant shimmery blues and purples in her dress. And of course, she had to be toasting with a glass of champagne. I love how it all came together!

If you are interested in commissioning a custom watercolor portrait, you can either purchase this listing from my shop, or you can send me a message to discuss an idea that you think might be slightly different than the details offered in that listing! I love a new creative project, so feel free to send over any and all of your ideas!