Custom Illustrations for Return to Rest

I'm a firm believer in constantly learning and surrounding yourselves with driven, creative people. That is why I love conferences and workshops so much! I was thrilled when Ruthie of Return to Rest reached out to me to collaborate on custom illustrations for their "what to bring" graphic. 

The illustrations in this graphic will help the attendees determine what types of outfits and items to bring to the retreat, and they were so much fun to paint! All of the attendees will be oh so cozy in their leggings, sweaters and scarves. And of course, a receptive heart will be the most important thing to bring, as it will allow them to truly learn and grow. 

Return to Rest just opened their early bird registration today, and it is a great deal that you do not want to miss out on. Register here! I love how well put their mission is:

“RETURN TO REST” will be an intimate gathering of faith-driven, creative, entrepreneurial women. From photographers to stylists to artists, ladies from all over will come together for a few days to encourage one another in the Lord and in an identity securely anchored in Him.

We hope that during this retreat, you can step away from your day-to-day busyness and escape from the demands of the working world. We desire that you have time to focus on what is of most importance, to refresh your soul by reading God’s word and delighting in His ways, to be encouraged by other women who know where you are coming from and what you are heading back to after the retreat is over.

I highly encourage you to take a moment to look around the Return to Rest website to see if you think that you would benefit from taking the time to do some soul searching and learning with these ladies. I know that it will be an amazing retreat!