Custom Web Design for Lauren Schwaiger

There is something so incredibly beautiful about simplicity. Crisp white backgrounds. Romantic, soft grey hand lettering. A very European, warm color palette. Those were the design elements I constantly kept in mind while designing both the logo and overall site design for Lauren Schwaiger

Custom Website Design for Lauren Schwaiger by Simply Jessica Marie

We decided to keep the design of the site very clean, without any distractions from sidebars. Lauren wanted the main focus to be on her incredible and intriguing blog content. We also wanted to make navigation simple for her readers, providing separate pages for fitness, food, fashion and lifestyle, with subcategories under each page. 

Lauren Schwaiger Branding Board by Simply Jessica Marie

Lauren sent me inspiration pictures, and we worked together to bring the soft, romantic feel into every portion of her logo and site design. The softness of the hand lettered logo paired with the crispness of the serif and sans serif fonts. The minimal use of warm, welcoming colors mixed in with soft greys. 

If you are looking for healthy, tasty recipes, fitness tips, and fashion inspiration, the Lauren Schwaiger site is the place to look!

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