Simply Wonderful Small Business | All Things Pretty

Good morning y'all! I'm starting a new blog series that I am extremely excited about called Simply Wonderful Small Businesses. I am such a promoter of other small business owners, and love sharing the beautiful things they create! Everyone has their own unique creative talent, and that is what makes this world and life so incredibly beautiful and special. 

Coffee, First Gold Foil Art Print by All Things Pretty | Simply Wonderful Small Businesses | Simply Jessica Marie

The first Simply Wonderful Small Business is all about Amanda of All Things Pretty. She is both a blogger, a mama, and the owner and creative designer of this pretty online shop! Her shop features darling gold foil art prints like the Coffee, First art print above that I currently have sitting on my desk in my creative studio. She also sells acrylic paintings, fine art photography, and brand design.

Simply Wonderful Small Business | All Things Pretty

Tell me a little bit about yourself, and what sparked your desire to start your company. I'm a work at home mom, but as "flexible" as my job is, I still have to work with a lot of unpleasant people and work in sales (which I said I'd NEVER do!). I've always wanted a career where I can express my creativity, look at pretty things all day, and be my own boss! 

Is there anything in particular that inspired this particular piece? Working and taking care of my own son constantly keeps me on the go. To keep myself fueled for the day (and sane!) I need my coffee before I do anything else. I know a lot of people like this, hence the need for this print in my shop!

What has been the most rewarding aspect of being a small business owner? I love how I can decide what I sell in my shop. If I come up with an idea, I have the freedom to see it come to life. People purchasing things I make makes me feel all warm inside. It's a HUGE compliment because they like it enough to want it for themselves. So rewarding!

If you could give a piece of advice to others who are in the beginning phases of starting their own company, what would it be? I know it may seem cliche, but definitely putting A LOT of thought into it. Sure, we all dream of branding, packaging, and all of our “pretty things” that we’ll sell, but it’s also very important to have a business plan! HOW you will get your product out there and how much you will invest, profit margins, competitive situations, etc? All of the "behind the scenes” stuff isn’t the most fun part, but it IS the most important to your success!


I adore peonies, which bloom makes your heart skip a beat?adore peonies too! I wish they were available all year long! Ranunculus and garden roses are a close second!

If we were to meet for sweets, which would you pick- macaroons, cupcakes, pies, or ice cream? I’d probably get a “sampler" platter of all of the above, lol. I have a weakness for sweets.

What is your favorite time of day? When I get to wind down with my family and enjoy the people in my life. I also do enjoy those moments when it’s just me and my “idea” or sketch book and I can let my creativity flow and come to life! 

I am so excited to see how Amanda's wonderful small business booms! Are you a small business owner of know of someone who would be a perfect fit for my Simply Wonderful Small Business series? If so, send me a sweet little note and let me know all about yourself or your friend!