I'm Speaking at Amber Housley Inspired!

Exciting news, y'all - I will be speaking at Amber Housley Inspired this year! I had such a wonderful time assisting Amber in planning the Inspired workshop last year, and am so honored to be not only assisting in producing this workshop, but also to be teaching the attendees something fun and creative!

I will be giving the attendees insight into working with watercolor, my absolute favorite form of painting! We will discuss the basics of watercolor, including the best supplies to use, mark making, blending, layering with transparency, and hand lettering. After teaching the basics, I will show everyone how to create one of two beautiful hand painted floral prints with a hand lettered quotation in the middle that they can take home to frame!

Interested in learning more about this fabulous workshop? If so (which I hope you are!) head on over to the main Amber Housley Inspired site today! Aside from the fact that I would absolutely LOVE to meet you in person and teach you a bit about watercolor, here are some facts about Inspired that I'm sure will convince you!

Inspired is a one of a kind business and lifestyle summit for creative women entrepreneurs. It will be held September 14-17, 2014 at Evins Mill, a wonderful resort about an hour from Nashville. If you register before June 30th, you can take advantage of the wonderful Early Bird Rate to save money (register here!). Payment plans are also available, and if you are interested in hearing more about them, feel free to email hello@amberhousley.com and either Amber or I will happily chat with you about your options!

Registration is limited to 30 seats, and as an insider perspective from being a part of producing the event, I can let you know that they are selling faster than ice cream from Jeni's on a hot Nashville day (Nashvillians, you know what I mean by that!). The reason why we are limiting the workshop to 30 attendees is to allow for close connections, relationship building, and access to speakers and fellow attendees.

I am so incredibly excited for this amazing experience, and hope to meet many of you in September! I can personally attest to how life changing this workshop is for both business and life, as I attended the last Inspired workshop right before launching Simply Jessica Marie in August. It allowed me to form connections with other creatives, learn invaluable lessons about how to manage a business and online shop, and dig deep to think about what I really wanted my brand and shop to mean to me and my customers. I know it can be as influential of an experience for you, and hope you take the plunge and come to visit us in Nashville this September for Amber Housley Inspired 2014!