My New Role as Lead Planner of Pretty for Amber Housley Weddings

I am SO excited to announce my new role as Lead Planner of Pretty for Amber Housley Weddings! I have been working with Amber as her Associate Event Producer since July, and got a fancy promotion this week to Lead Planner of Pretty (I love that title). I will be leading our Wedding Planning + Design services division lending my skills in gorgeous event execution to our wonderful clients.

Thanks so much for your approval! You will receive a shipping notification when your stamp ships.   Cheers! Jessica Clinch, Client Services Coordinator

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I will be your go-to girl when it comes to planning and designing your wedding when you become an Amber Housley Weddings client. I am driven by creating the unique details that really portray your love story and personality as a couple. The details that will truly make your wedding shine, and will leave your friends and family swooning about how your wedding honestly looks and feels like you. I also love meeting new people and working with others, so you can feel comfortable that you'll have fun working with me and that I will be a great representation of you as a couple when I work alongside your wedding professionals!

Jessica Clinch Lead Planner of Pretty for Amber Housley Weddings | Nashville Wedding Planner
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Cyn Kain Photography

I cannot even begin to tell you the level of excitement that I feel when I think about the fact that I will be having my very own wedding client couples soon. You can find out more about our new wedding planning processes and services on the Amber Housley Weddings page. Click on the Meet Jessica + Learn More About Our Wedding Services button to bring up the Wedding Planning + Design Services page where you can see all of the details of how we can work with you on your wedding!

If you are a bride in Nashville, or a bride who is planning a wedding here from out of town, I would love to meet you! To book your complimentary consultation with me, drop me a line via our inquiry form here.