Happy Birthday Bestie Let's Go Shopping Bday Card

With the major holidays over, I am excited to begin introducing new everyday cards to my shop! The first card I am releasing today is a birthday card for the most glamorous of girls. 

I believe that birthdays are for eating sweets, drinking champs, and shopping with your bestie! Celebrate your bestie's birthday with her by sending her this fabulously chic Happy Birthday Bestie Let's Go Shopping birthday card followed by a day of pampering and shopping. 

Please note that the illustration is of a blonde girl and cannot be altered to other hair colors since it was hand painted by me. But, your friend does not need to be a blonde! It is the thoughtfulness of the card and the sweet sentiment that you write inside that your bestie will love. And you can be certain that I will be creating a birthday card for brunettes very soon. I am a brunette myself after all!

This card was inspired by the Space 46 Boutique blush tulle maxi skirt and beautiful the Blush Shop boutique store styling.

If your bestie's birthday is coming up soon, make sure to get her one of these chic birthday cards from my Etsy shop to package up with a bottle of champs, some macarons, and an invitation to shop until she drops.