Why I Support Breast Cancer Awareness & Research with Stella & Dot

Breast Cancer touches the lives of countless women, and men, all throughout the world. It touches the lives of those diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and it touches the lives of their friends and family. It is scary. It is agonizing. It doesn't make sense why it has to happen to those we love. It makes us want to scream "HA, gotcha!" when one of our loved ones overcomes it. It makes us feel such heartbreak for those who cannot overcome it. It makes us want to fight for a cure so that no one else has to feel defeated or heartbroken. 

Everyone has their own story of why they support Breast Cancer Awareness & Research. I was thinking of my story and my why this morning while I was sitting on my couch drinking my coffee before work. I began reflecting on the ladies in my life, and the struggles they have had to overcome with breast cancer.

My grandma, my sweet, caring, strong grandma struggled with breast cancer years ago. I was young when she was diagnosed, and I know I don't remember all of the details of her battle against breast cancer, but I remember being extremely confused and worried for my grandma. I remember that I did not want anything bad to happen to one of my favorite women in my life. My grandma did struggle with breast cancer, but she was lucky. She survived. And I am forever thankful for that, especially now that I am older and understand how many people's grandmas don't survive. 

My mom, my person, my rock, struggled with what doctors thought was breast cancer years ago as well. They kept finding signs that they thought were indicating that she had breast cancer, which meant she had to undergo surgeries to continuously check to see if it really was breast cancer, or if it was something else. Like my grandma, my mom was lucky in the sense that it was not breast cancer, rather some other non-threatening medical condition. 

My aunt, one of the sweetest ladies I have had the pleasure of knowing, and the silly aunt I will always remember for her strange love of frogs, also struggled with breast cancer more recently. My aunt was not as "lucky" as my grandma and my mom. She did have breast cancer, and her body could not handle it. She fought hard, but the cancer fought harder. I remember wishing that there was some sort of medicine, if not a cure, in order to extend her life a little bit longer, so that my family would have more time with her and so that she could create more memories with her loved ones.

Breast Cancer research has improved tremendously over the past few years, but there is still so much more research to be done in order to find a cure. To support earlier detection. To find ways to prolong the lives of those with the disease. To make them more comfortable through their struggle. 

Stella & Dot has partnered with the Noreen Fraser Foundation to create two beautiful, affordable bracelets. 100% of the net proceeds of these bracelets will go to the Noreen Fraser Foundation, supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Research.

My mom is hosting an online trunk show to help spread awareness about the cause, and to fund research. Her goal is to sell 10 of these bracelets in the next week! We would love it if you take the time to join the trunk show and purchase one of these darling bracelets. 

Simply click on this link, enter your name and email address, then click "shop online now". This will bring you to the main page of the trunk show, where you can see all of the jewelry available. The bracelets can be found under the "bracelets" section of this trunk show - they are the first two bracelets shown on the page. If at any point during your shopping you have a question, please feel free to click on the "get styled by Jessica" tab and I will be happy to chat with you!

So, why am I supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Research with Stella & Dot? I am supporting it in honor of my mom and grandma, in memory of my aunt, and in hopes that none of the other women in my family, and in your families, will have to face the struggle with breast cancer. Thank you in advance for supporting this cause with me and my mom!