Behind the Scenes of Simply Jessica Marie

There is a fun new blog series that is circulating throughout the bloggersphere called the "Tour Through Blogland" which I was invited to join! It is a great opportunity for bloggers to connect, and for their readers to learn about a few new awesome bloggers that they might not have heard of before!


The oh so darling Lauren of Elle & Co. emailed me and introduced me to this series. She absolutely adores sharing great design, and does so through her shop, otherwise known as The Library, that contains beautiful art prints, greeting cards, printables, a planner and more. You have to take a look! I also love the stunning brand design work that Lauren creates, each design truly seems to represent her clients!

2015 Cocktail Calendar by Simply Jessica Marie


Oh goodness, so many fun new projects! I have a few custom design projects that are in the works (hello pretty original paintings, can't wait to share!), but I am also really working on creating more products to add to my shop. I have a handful of fun greeting cards that will be released soon, a wedding collection that will be launching in time for the beloved engagement season that is right around the corner, and one of my most favorite new products- my 2015 cocktail calendar!! 

Y'all might have seen the picture that I showed above as a sneak peak last month and wondered what product I was teasing about. Well this is it. My brainchild of a cocktail calendar. It is still in production, so I cannot show you the final pictures yet, but I can guarantee that you'll love it! Each month will feature a girl wearing a cute as can be outfit and holding a dangerously delicious cocktail. At the beginning of the month, I will post the recipe for that cocktail right here on my blog! Perfect for party planning for any soirees you are hosting later that month, don't ya think?


I constantly strive to create products that have meaning. Whether it be greeting cards that serve the purpose of reconnecting you with an old friend or art prints that simply put a smile on your face each time you pass them in your home, I want my products to have a purpose. I try not to design things that are simply "pretty". 

I would like to think that my custom work differs from others because I truly take the time to get to know my clients. I ask them for personal details and any stories behind their custom commission that I think will better help me to understand what they are looking for from me. I then take that information and try to add extra details that will really wow them and leave them so giddy to receive their design!


The simple answer? To make others smile. To make them happy. To brighten their day. To inspire them. The biggest compliment I can receive from a customer who has just gotten their greeting card in the mail or the client who received her invitations or logo is that they did a little happy dance in their living room because they just love their piece. Or that because of me and my designs, they are inspired to be creative in their own lives. I mean really, how cool is that? That is what motivates me each and every day.

Simply Jessica Marie


I'll be the first to admit that I need to stick to a more consistent blogging process. I am in the process of creating an editorial calendar, where I will map out each blog post that I will write for the upcoming month. I will then try to write each post for one week a week prior to the scheduled posting day, so there isn't any rushing the night before to brainstorm and create new content.

My creating process varies depending on whether it is a shop product or a custom design commission.

For my shop products, I have a running note on my phone that lists all of the products I want to create. I keep it on my phone because I never know when inspiration will hit me, and I want to have my list on hand to be able to jot it down before the thought escapes me! I then map out which products would best fit the upcoming season or collection that I am launching, and rank the order of importance for designing based on that schedule.

Then comes the fun part- creating! I always start with a sketch of my illustration first, tweak it until I am satisfied, and then bring it to life through paint. Once the paint has dried, I scan it into my computer, edit it, add any text and other design elements, and send it off to my oh so wonderful printer.

Custom design commissions follow a similar process, but the initial stages are different. I touched on them slightly in an answer to a previous question, but I will go more in depth here. Depending on the type of commission (logo, original painting, invitations, etc), I have a set list of questions that I ask my potential clients in order to fully understand what they are looking for from me. I then use that information to create their custom price proposal. Once we are officially in business, I will ask them even more detailed questions and have them send me pictures for inspiration. I take that information, and follow the sketch, paint, scan, edit, print process mentioned above.




Evelyn Henson is a girl after my own heart. She is a colorful artist like me, and while our styles are similar in the sense that they are bright and feminine, they are different in the sense that she uses acrylic paint and bold beautiful brush strokes! I have always admired her unique style that is so easily recognized, and have fallen in love with her Fall/Winter '14 Collection. 

B is for Bonnie Shop.jpg


Bonnie of B is for Bonnie Design is one of my favorite ladies to follow on social media! She is always so full of inspiration and truly wants to encourage other creative entrepreneurs to grow. If you are a creative looking for inspiration, I highly recommend signing up for her insiders newsletter. In addition to inspiring others through her newsletter and working with creatives on their branding, Bonnie also has a collection of art prints that I can tell come from her heart and her core. 



Tori of Victoria Austin Designs is one of my dear friends, and one of my favorite stationery designers and wedding planners. She focuses on the beauty of simple, clean and timeless designs, which shines through in her portfolio. I always love looking at the new images she posts on social media and her blog! 

These three ladies will be answering the questions I answered above, as well as nominating three other bloggers that they love, next Monday- so make sure to head over to their blogs next week! Thanks again Lauren for nominating me!