Happy Halloween & My 2015 Cocktail Calendar

Happy Halloween y'all! I love all holidays, but this one has to be one of my favorites, mostly because I love any excuse to dress up! In college, I had the biggest container of costumes to be ready for any themed party, and have since passed that down to a friend. So I get extremely excited this time of year when I have the opportunity to dress up again, since themed parties don't frequently happen in the real world.

Last year I was a flapper (seeing as I was obsessed with The Great Gatsby), and this year I'm thinking I'll be Where's Waldo. I'll be able to hide in the background of all of the pictures and pop out of random places like he does in his book, and I can't really resist that. I know- I should probably have my costume figured out since today is Halloween, but there are so many fun options! So, I'd love to know what y'all are being this year! Something scary, something funny, or a classic? You can't really go wrong.

Simply Jessica Marie 2015 Cocktail Calendar October Illustration

I also thought that today would be the perfect day to introduce one of my favorite new products that will be hitting the SJM Shop next month- my 2015 Cocktail Calendar! I've teased about it briefly before, but now that it is really coming together, I wanted to share a full post. 

The 2015 Cocktail Calendar will consist of 5x7" art prints, each featuring an illustration like the one above with the month, the name of the cocktail recipe, and of course the days of that month below. On the first of each month, I will share the recipe for that cocktail right here on my blog! I chose recipes that are super tasty and visually appealing yet easy to make, so they will be perfect for any fun parties you are throwing throughout that month.

The illustration above is the 2015 October Cocktail Girl. She is all dolled up in an outfit inspired by Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific, and is headed out to a masquerade party with her girl friends. Seeing as she is the domestic one of the group, she made these darling little holiday-inspired shots for everyone to try. But you'll have to wait until next year to get the recipe for those!

Each month will have an illustration like the one above featured on the calendar. I have chosen to crop the illustrations either at the neck or the chin, and right near her calves, because I really want to feature the outfit she is wearing to give y'all clothing inspiration for your parties as well as the cocktail she is sipping. I am also hoping that it transforms this girl into the everygirl by not giving her a face or hair color. I like it, and hope y'all do too!

Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy today, get dressed up, and eat a little too much candy!