I'm a Stella & Dot Stylist

I have always loved fashion, as some of you may have noticed in the various style posts I have written throughout the months. It has always been a part of my life. I feel more confident and energized when I take the time to put effort into what I am wearing, and get excited finding new ways to style my current wardrobe. To me, fashion is simply another form of beautiful art. And what is my favorite part of fashion? Well, the jewelry of course! Stella & Dot jewelry specifically. 

Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle | Stella & Dot Fanella Statement Necklace Illustrated by Simply Jessica Marie

I have been a long-time fan of Stella & Dot, and had been contemplating for a while now about becoming a stylist. I knew the jewelry was not only beautiful, but also extremely well crafted. How stunning is the Fanella Statement Necklace that I illustrated above?

I also knew that the company mission aligned with my ideals. But I did not know just how amazing being a stylist would be. 

What I find most amazing about Stella & Dot is their drive to empower women to style her own life. By becoming a stylist, you have the ability to set your own schedule. Are you interested in having a bit of extra spending money each month? Wonderful, host a trunk show or two each month! Are you interested in making this your full time job? Well then by all means, dive on in! 

I very recently became a stylist (PS- you can see my personal Stella & Dot page here so I can assist in styling your fabulous self!), and was able to take advantage of an AMAZING deal where I was gifted an extra $100 in free accessories to build my sample collection of jewelry both to wear and bring to trunk shows. This deal was originally supposed to end at the end of September, but Stella & Dot has decided to extend the deal until October 15!! Imagine what amazing pieces you could add to your collection with that $100. The investment is 100% worth it.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a stylist, including the initial startup costs, what it means to have a sponsor and become part of a team, tips on how to find hostesses for trunk shows, and more, I would be happy to chat with you! And of course, I would love to add you to my already amazing Stella & Dot family of other stylists, because styling is more fun when you get to do it with friends!

Are you interested in Stella & Dot, but aren't sure if you want to make the commitment to become a stylist yet? Well, good news is that you can also benefit by being a hostess of one of my fabulous trunk shows!! 

If you are in the Nashville or Knoxville area, I would love to host a Stella & Dot trunk show at your wonderful home with all of your friends. You will earn free accessories as the hostess, and will get the chance to see a selection of Stella & Dot jewelry in person!

Not in the Nashville or Knoxville TN area? Have a blog? Good news- you can also host a virtual trunk show on your blog with me, and you will still receive lots of free accessories for hosting and sharing with your readers!

Another thing that I love about Stella & Dot? Not only do we consistently sell gorgeous jewelry, but the Stella & Dot Foundation has also partnered with the Noreen Fraser Foundation to donate 100% of the net proceeds of the two bracelets shown above to their foundation, which supports Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. 

I know that many of us ladies and gents have a personal and emotional connection to breast cancer. Maybe you currently are struggling with breast cancer, or have survived it (go you!!). Maybe you know someone who has struggled with or survived breast cancer. For me, it was my Grandma who is a strong, beautiful woman and a surviver. I know that it is something that I could be facing in years to come, and that my little sister and potential future daughters could face as well. If purchasing these bracelets could help fund the research to find a cause, wouldn't you want to help? I know I do.

I am only a few days in with being a stylist, and already have big dreams for what I can do and the ladies I can inspire! I have created a new page on my website called BLING, which I will constantly be updating with any new stylist or hostess information, as well as sales and charitable donation information. You can also find my personal page on Stella & Dot here!

I cannot wait to see what amazing connections I make with y'all and with other amazing women around the world! Please feel free to contact me if you have any information at all about Stella & Dot!