A Glimpse Into My Room with Pearls and Pastries

I believe that the way one decorates their room says a lot about who they are as a person. It is a place where we spend a large majority of our time, and one of our most personal spaces. I adore finding pieces that truly represent my fun, feminine, flirty side. Things that make it fun to get ready in the morning! 

When I first saw this gold sequined hanger by Pearls and Pastries, I knew it had to be mine. I had seen an image on Pinterest of a woman who proudly displayed her wedding gown in her walk-in closet, and while I don't have a wedding gown, I knew I wanted to replicate that look with my favorite dress. This sequined hanger was the perfect way to display it!  Y'all absolutely must go check out the Pearls and Pastries shop, it is divine. I also painted a pink monogrammed canvas for her, and she showcased how she displayed it on her gallery wall in a blog post this morning! You must see how cute it looks.

Pearls and Pastries Gold Sequined Hanger
Pearls and Pastries Gold Sequined Hanger

I also recently purchased a pair of art prints by one of my favorite calligraphers and designers, Lindsay Letters. All of the proceeds from this Whatever is Lovely print benefitted a little boy named Riley who has a goal to help build houses in Haiti. I always love giving back to others in any way possible, and respect the hard work Riley is doing. One of my business goals is to one day be able to donate a portion of every sale I make to charity, and this reaffirmed my desire to do so! 

Simply Jessica Marie Style | Bow Shoes and French Hat Box

In addition to my favorite dress, I thought it would be fun to display my favorite pair of gold bow adorned heels on a cute French inspired hat box below the dress! 

Simply Jessica Marie Style | Dresser Design
Simply Jessica Marie Style | Dresser Styling

My room has a little nook in the corner near my closet, and my dresser conveniently fits perfectly underneath the window. I glammed up my Ikea dresser with pink jeweled handles from Target, and added my favorite display of jewelry, pictures, and trinkets on top. 

Simply Jessica Marie Style | Jewelry Display
Simply Jessica Marie Style | Cupcakes and Cashmere

One of my favorite pieces I have displayed is the tray that I have showcasing my most loved bracelets: a bracelet from my great grandmother, my Michael Kors watch, and my pearl and jewel bracelet from J.Crew.  My other favorite section of the display is my dainty pink ring holder, my collection of necklaces, and my Cupcakes and Cashmere book that is holding up my Kate Spade earrings (the ones I purchased in hopes to wear on my wedding day, whenever that may come). 

I hope y'all enjoyed the little glimpse into my room! If you love fun, feminine pieces as much as I do, you absolutely must check out the Pearls and Pastries shop. Not only does she have the fabulous gold sequined hanger that I have, but she has a variety of other sequined hangers, as well as art prints and jewelry dishes. So much to love!