My Style Mondays | Jeweled Style

It's no secret that I love jewels and big, chunky jewelry. My necklace collection is full of color, baubles, pearls, and gems. So, when I noticed that one of the new Fall trends is adding jewels to clothing, you can bet I was ecstatic! 


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There are many stores honing in on this trend, but in my opinion, J.Crew takes the cake for the most beautiful and creative jeweled pieces. Their collection of necklaces is stunning, and one of my favorites is their coated stone stripe necklace. It is such a unique piece as the process of making this necklace is unlike any other I have heard. Here's a bit of background info from their site:

Something of a '60s pop art reference, this faceted stone necklace gets its edge from crystals that have been entirely painted over (technically called powder coating, it's stronger than liquid paint and leaves a superdurable finish) for an unexpected yet superchic look. It's the kind of twist that we're known for—and exactly what makes this piece so special.

Their jewelry undoubtedly inspired their jeweled clothing items. Their painted jewel sweatshirt is brilliant. A chic, comfortable sweatshirt designed with hand-painted stones? Yes, please. 

I first fell in love with the classic chambray shirt when I saw it in a J.Crew store. They updated their classic look by adding clusters of beads to create their boy shirt in beaded chambray. A much fancier and flirtier version of the original if you ask me! 

Not only has J.Crew created pieces covered in jewels, but they also designed a stripe necklace tee that has a built in necklace around the collar of a classic striped tee. This way, you are getting two fabulous J.Crew pieces in one, and it makes the jewelry pairing decision process much easier in the morning! I would love to pair this tee with a pair of boyfriend jeans or a black a-line skirt. 

What do y'all think of this style trend? Do you love it as much as I do, or is it a little bit too much for your taste?