Pay It Forward

Instead of today's typical Wedding Wednesdays post, I want to take the time to remember 9/11. I cannot believe that it was 12 years ago today, but I remember the day so vividly.  

I was so young, still just in elementary school. We were in art class, and I remember my principal coming on the loudspeaker to make an announcement. I remember secretly rolling my eyes wondering what she was interrupting our day and my art project for, and feeling an instant pang of guilt once I heard what she had to say. All of the information was coming at us so quickly, and was unlike anything any of us had ever heard before in our young lives. I remember being confused and scared, even though I was miles away from New York.

And then my principal said that if any of us had close relatives in the city, that we would be allowed to try to contact them as soon as possible. All I could think about was my elderly Nana and great aunt and uncle, who I knew lived somewhere in New York but was unsure of how close they were to the attack. I was panicked. I also knew that my uncle often went into the city for work, and was not sure if he did that day. I just wanted to talk to my mom to make sure that they were okay. Luckily, when I got home and started rambling about how I hoped they were safe, my mom calmed me down and reassured me that they were fine, and not to worry.  I am forever thankful that my family and friends were all safe, and am sending prayers today to all of the lives lost and taken from their loved ones, and all of those who helped in any way that day.

Since my siblings and I were all under the age of 9, my parents did not want us to turn the TV on to watch the footage of what was happening. They thought it would be too scarring. Once my siblings went to bed though, I asked if I could see, to know what was happening. They let me watch for just a few minutes, and I remember that my jaw was dropped for the entire time I was glued to the TV. I couldn't comprehend why anyone would do such a thing, and still cannot today. 

But, there is one thing I do know. That so much goodness and change of heart has happened after that day. That there is so much pride in our country and the people who inhabit it. That there is so much love. 


Pay It Forward

So, even more so today than any other day, I urge you to find some small way to pay it forward in memory of 9/11. Of all the lives lost, of all the families torn, and of all of the brave people who acted with courage that day.  

It can be anything, really. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in the Starbucks line, send a card to your parents to tell them how much you love them, clean the kitchen before your roommate gets home, buy flowers for your significant other. Just do something nice, and I promise it will encourage others to do the same.