Feel Good Songs Playlist

After seeing all of my friends come back from Making Things Happen recently, I have been wanting to write more blog posts about what fires me up. Creating a list of what fires us up was an activity that we did at my MTH conference, and I love looking back to that list. 

Living in Music City, it is hard not to be enamored by music. But it is something I have loved ever since I can remember. I have such joyful memories of running around my living room dancing until I crashed with my family when I was little. And now,  Iove belting songs at the top of my lungs when I'm in the car. Unfortunately, my sister got all of the singing talent in our family, so I'm pretty limited to car and shower singing with an occasional karaoke if I'm really up for it.

But really, how can you not be fired up by music?! I decided to create a playlist of my favorite feel good songs to share with y'all.

Feel Good Songs Playlist | Simply Jessica Marie

These are all songs that I have on my iPhone and listen to whenever I want to feel happy (as the playlist title implies). Some are faster, some are slower, some are country, some are alternative. All of them put me in a good mood. 

Of course, my taste will vary from yours, so I'm not sure if you will love all of the songs on my playlist. But, I encourage you to make one of your own! Actually create this playlist so you can turn it on while you are getting dressed for the day, at work,  or driving in the car. 

What songs would you put on your playlist? I'd love to know!