Holiday Greeting Card Collection

Happy early Christmas, my Holiday greeting card collection is available in my Etsy shop today! I have had the best time designing these cards, and hope y'all love them as much as I do.

Holiday Greeting Card Trio

The winter holidays are hands down my favorite. There is something about them that puts a sparkle in everyones eyes and makes people want to share well wishes and love. My hope for these cards is that you will send them with love to your friends, family, and loved ones this year.

Peppermint Mocha Card | Mistletoe Kisses Card | Pop the Bubbly Card

When I was designing each card, I thought about what I love most about the holiday season. Taking the first sip of a peppermint mocha, wondering who I might kiss underneath the mistletoe, and celebrating the holidays with friends in my best party dress with champagne all seemed to fit what I think are some of the most lighthearted and fun parts of the holiday season. 

Then, I thought that it would be awesome to think of how the Simply Jessica Marie girl would embody each of these moments. Is the SJM girl embodying me, one of my friends, or someone in the industry that I think truly represents my brand? What clothes would she wear? How would she accessorize her outfit? How would she be standing? That is when the design process really got fun, and when my ideas truly came to life.

I wanted to showcase all aspects and sides of the SJM girl. While she is enjoying her first peppermint mocha, she would be wearing a trendy outfit- a Zoe Karssen Creme de la Creme sweater with a red Partyskirt by Skot Apparel, a gold sequined clutch, bangles and J.Crew leopard print heels. I drew inspiration for this SJM girl from the ever trendy and fabulous Stephanie Sterjovski. If I could sip peppermint mochas out of our Alice and Olivia for Starbucks mugs while twirling around tossing confetti and dancing till we drop, I absolutely would (if you follow Stephanie on Instagram, you'll notice that this is actually something she does with some frequency, and she makes me want to live a more colorful life)!

While awaiting a mistletoe smooch, the SJM girl would dress in her classic preppy outfit, wearing a J.Crew red and white striped sweater, black Partyskirt by Skot Apparel, pearls, and red suede J.Crew pumps. When I was thinking of this SJM girl, Rhiannon of Hey Gorgeous Events came to mind. To me, she represents all things feminine and classy with just the perfect touch of unique charm, just as the SJM girl would. 

While popping champagne with her best friends, the SJM girl would wear her most fabulous LRD (little red dress) with a crystal and gold J.Crew statement necklace and gold Kate Spade charm heels. This one was particularly fun, because I thought of a combination of myself and my Making Things Happen/Creative Industry/Instagram friend Kylie from Rekindled Rentals as the SJM girls who inspired this design. We both share a love of celebrating with champagne and getting all dolled up. Kylie once mentioned that she always keeps a bottle of champagne chilled, just in case, and I think that is a fantastic way to live!

So friends, do you have a favorite design? Do you think you embody a particular side of the SJM girl, or are you a mix of the three sides shown like I am? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

You can find all of these greeting cards and descriptions of the product details here in my Etsy shop