My Mama's Coming to Nashville!

Yahooo! My mama's coming to visit me in Nashville this weekend and I am so excited. She will be here in about two hours and I can't wait to give her the biggest hug! I love every single person in my family so dearly, but it is a little evident that I am a Mama's girl. My sister even refers to us as best friends. We're okay with it. 

Mom and Daughter in Chianti | Simply Jessica Marie
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Sigma Kappa Elon Mother Daughter Day | Simply Jessica Marie
Mom and Daughter in Nashville | Simply Jesica Marie

I haven't seen my mom since she helped move me in almost four months ago when I moved to Nashville. We talk all the time on the phone, but it will be great to have her here in person for the weekend.  

I'm so thrilled to be able to show her how much I have learned about my new home, from my favorite restaurants (we will absolutely be brunching at Fido or Jackson's, or both, followed by Jeni's ice cream), to my favorite boutiques, to showing her that I know how to navigate my way through town without using Siri (big accomplishment). And of course I can't wait to introduce her to my new friends! We'll also most likely be attending Pumpkinfest in Historic Franklin tomorrow, suggestion courtesy of my lovely boss Amber Housley

But, what I think I'm most looking forward to is spending time just hanging out at my apartment cooking and baking and catching up on life. Isn't that what moms are best for?  

Can't wait to see you so soon mom!!