Amber Housley Inspired Recap

The first event that I had the pleasure to plan and design in my new job with Amber Housley was her Amber Housley Inspired workshop at the Aloft in Nashville. The workshop spanned two days with nine speakers and twenty-six guests. It was a fantastic event that not only taught the attendees about how to make their businesses more efficient, but also allowed them to be inspired by the personal stories of all the speakers. What I love most about this workshop is that the attendees have the chance to connect with each other and the speakers, and realize that everyone is human. Everyone started somewhere. Everyone has had their struggles. And everyone has had to learn lessons to get to where they are in their business and life today.

Here are some of my favorite pictures I took from the conference:

Day One

Amber Housley Inspired Conference Table

Amber Housley Inspired Gold Letters

Amber Housley Inspired Binder + Swag Bag

Amber Housley Inspired Lunch Decor

The attendees received some amazing Amber Housley binders to fill with notes and worksheets, swag bags filled with goodies from other attendees and speakers, as well as a magazine from Cake & Whiskey Magazine and an Amber Housley Inspired Day Designer by Whitney English designed specifically for this event. I adored styling this lunch with lots of glitter, paper flowers, and watercolor details.

Cocktail Party

Amber Housley Inspired Cocktail Party Table

Amber Housley Inspired Cocktail Party Sweets Table

Amber Housley Inspired Cocktail Party Bar

Amber Housley Inspired Cocktail Party Guests

Everyone loved the cocktail party we hosted for the guests and speakers! This event was particularly fun to design in Amber's signature pink and orange color palette, and of course plentiful gold and glitter. I adored getting the chance to socialize with all of the attendees and speakers in a more intimate setting while overlooking the Nashville skyline.

Jessica Clinch Image from Sara E Rose Photography 1

Jessica Clinch Image from Sara E Rose Photography 2

Jessica Clinch Image from Sara E Rose Photography 3

Jessica Clinch Image from Sara E Rose Photography 4

Sara E Rose Photography

Sara Rose of Sara E Rose Photography was also at the cocktail party to take some fantastic headshots of all of the attendees. I feel so lucky to have these to add to my portfolio!

Day Two

Inspirational Hey Beautiful Mug

Amber Housley Inspired Speakers

Day two of the workshop was equally as inspiring as day one. We loved surprising the attendees with these mugs! One side of the mug reads, "Hey gorgeous, you're going to be awesome today" and the other side reads, "Hey beautiful, you're going to be inspirational today". They are the perfect way to start your morning! The attendees and their friends loved them so much that we have decided to offer them to all in Amber's Sweet Tea and Lemonade Etsy shop! Get yours here.

I am so grateful to have had the chance to help plan, produce, and design this amazing workshop. I am blessed to have grown my network of creative entrepreneurs, and cannot wait to follow all of the attendees and speakers as they make amazing things happen in their businesses and lives!