Updated Social Media Handles

Part of the preparation for my new site and shop launch involves making sure that everything is cohesive. A big part of this is having the same, or similar, social media handles and usernames across all of my social media sites. My old handle, jmarieclinch, was descriptive of who I am as a person, but it wasn't exactly fitting for my brand. So, I updated all of them! Updated-Social-Media

My Instagram, which is my favorite form of social media, is now @simplyjessicamarie. I wanted that to be the handle for all of my social media sites, however Twitter and Pinterest only allow handles and usernames with 15 characters or less. So, I decided on @simplyjessicam since it is still very close to simplyjessicamarie, just with my middle initial instead of my full middle name.

I would love for us to connect on social media! I am an extremely visual person, and truly enjoy seeing what y'all are up to on Instagram and all of your other social media accounts.

I will also be sharing my new business Facebook page along with the launch of my site and shop, so stay tuned for that!