Traditions Tuesdays: The Peach Truck

Happy first Tuesday of August, y'all! Yesterday, I read on The Flair Exchange that August is national peach month. So cool, right? I love peaches, and have made a little tradition of my own here in Nashville of visiting The Peach Truck each Sunday to purchase my bag of peaches. The Peach Truck 2

Photography by The Peach Truck

The story behind The Peach Truck makes my heart happy. You can read the whole story here, but I will try my hardest to recap it! Stephen, the owner of The Peach Truck, moved from Georgia to Nashville and felt as though there was a lack of the delicious peaches that he was used to growing up. So, he decided to start a business by driving to his aunt and uncle's farm in Georgia and bringing peaches back to Nashville by the truck full.

The Peach Truck

Photography by The Peach Truck

Now, you can buy peaches by the bag (7 per bag) at various locations in Nashville. The great thing about their website is that they have a calendar of where they will be each day, so you can easily plan a peach pick-up into your agenda. Don't live near Nashville? The Peach Truck delivers nation-wide! Therefore, you don't have a reason to go a day longer without having these delicious Georgia peaches in your life.

The Peach Truck 3

These are hands down the best, juiciest peaches I have tasted. The quantity of seven peaches is the perfect amount for the week, and I love seeing them on my counter every morning. Not only are their peaches amazing, but so is their branding and packaging. I am tempted to make the Aunt Ann's Fresh Peach Cobbler that is on their card either this week or next week! If I do, I'll make sure to write about it.