New Site and Shop Launch Date

Hey y'all! I wanted to give everyone a quick update about my upcoming Simply Jessica Marie site and shop launch date. As you may have read in this post, I was originally planning to launch both my new site and shop this Monday, August 5th. However, in order to make everything as simply lovely as I would like, I am pushing the launch date back two weeks until Monday, August 18th. This means that you can expect an even more fabulous launch! Simply-Jessica-Marie-Launch-Date

I always like to learn lessons from the decisions I make in my life. This is one of the many business decisions I will be making starting this new venture. What I really learned from this was that it is okay to take a step back to slow down. I understand and appreciate the quote "done is better than perfect," but in this case that does not apply to my business. I want to ensure that I can put all of my heart, talent, and time into my site and shop launch in order to produce something that I am fully proud of. Not something that I rushed to get done because I set a specific date.

Putting my all into this launch, and into my shop, will mean that I will be able to deliver products to y'all that are as inspirational as I have dreamed of them being for months. I cannot wait to incorporate all of my creative ideas into this launch and show y'all in just two short weeks! In order to keep y'all excited, here's a preview of two of my favorite letterpress inspirational art prints that I will have available in my shop. I hope you take these quotes I created to heart, because I know I do every day.


Keep following along with all of my launch preparation with the hashtags #simplyjessicamarie and #sjmshop!