I'm Going to Italy Tomorrow!

That's right, I'm headed back to Italy! I could not be more excited to travel back to the place where so many of my ancestors lived and still reside. This trip is both my graduation gift and my mom's 50th birthday gift. We have wanted to go to Italy together for as long as I can remember, and it is finally happening tomorrow! We will be there for about ten days, which is the perfect amount of time to explore and relax. Positano 2

The first place we will travel to is Positano, which is on the Amalfi Coast. I have grown up seeing numerous pictures of this small town, both of the beauty of the area by itself and of my family while they lived there. We still have distant relatives there that we are going to visit. We will be staying at the Bucca di Bacco, which is a gorgeous bed and breakfast owned by my great great aunt, Aunti Anna. I will alo have the chance to meet one of my Grandma's cousins, Massimilliano. The picture above is the view from one of the balconies at the Bucca, which is similar to the view from the room at which my mom and I will be staying! I'm already preparing to buy extra memory cards for my camera since I know I will be taking hundreds of pictures.

Positano 3

Positano 1

I cannot wait to walk all throughout Positano, meet people, visit the local shops, relax on the beaches, eat pastries and pasta, and enjoy the place where my family comes from.

Capri 1

After spending about four days in Positano, we will spend the remainder of our time in Florence. My mom has never been there, and I only had the opportunity to spend about three days in Florence while studying abroad during my sophomore year winter term. While we are there, we might also take a day trip to Cinque Terre! The picture above is of my big in my sorority, Kelly, and I when we were studying abroad. We did not get any good pictures in Florence, but this is us in Capri, which is close to Positano!

Have any of y'all been to Italy? Do you have any restaurants, bars, museums, shops, etc. that you would suggest we visit? I would love your input! Please leave a comment below!