Traditions Tuesdays: Burying the Bourbon

Burying the Bourbon 1

It has been raining off and on here in North Carolina for over a week now, and I am ready for some sunshine! Especially with my graduation day quickly approaching (this Saturday!), I am crossing my fingers for some sunny weather. Many brides and grooms-to-be find themselves in the same boat around the time of their wedding day. So much so that there is a Southern tradition dedicated to wishing for sunshine- burying the bourbon. Burying the Bourbon 1

Burying the Bourbon 2

Photography by Jessie Mary Photography

According to this tradition, the bride and groom-to-be bury a full, unopened bottle of bourbon at the site of their wedding one month before their wedding day. They must bury the bottle upside down to ensure that there will not be a drop of rain on their big day!

Burying the Bourbon 3

This may seem a bit superstitious  but I think it is a fun tradition. And hey, anything to bring on the sunshine is a great idea to me! Some couples like the ones shown above even make an entire portrait session out of it! Take a look at the entire session by Jessie Mary Photography here.

Have any of y'all buried the bourbon or know of friends who have done so? Did it prove to bring you lovely weather on your wedding day? Leave a comment below!