Senior Heirloom Project

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As some of you know, I took a Photography II class semester. For our final project, our professor allowed us to select our own ideas and told us to print ten final photographs. He also asked us to prepare an artist statement to describe our body of work. Here is my artist statement, followed by my ten final photographs! I hope y'all enjoy : )

Artist Statement: Senior Heirloom Project

This body of work stemmed from my desire to capture my friends, who are all in their last year of college, together with their roommates in their apartment during their final few weeks together. I have always been drawn to taking photographs of people more so than taking photographs of objects, because a person’s life is often times more fleeting than that of an object’s. This group of individuals’ current lives is particularly fleeting, because they will never again be in the same living situation with the same people in the same place. That is what I find so intriguing, and why I was inspired to create this work of art. My hope was to make moments that are quickly passing permanent forever.

Each apartment captured in my photographs holds a special meaning, and was chosen intentionally. Not only have the women who live there created a grand number of memories together as roommates, but I have also made memories at each of these apartments. They are places that I wanted to photograph because much of my time spent and memories made at Elon have been within the walls of these apartments.

But most importantly, I wanted to represent whom the women living together in these apartments are when they are together. Each apartment has its own individual personality, and I wanted to convey that through my photographs. Some are carefree, some are loud and rambunctious, and some are mellow. I chose to include images in my final body of work that best represented these differences in personalities. My final product is an heirloom project, one that I can save for years to embody each apartment as it is at this moment in time.

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I am so happy to have all of these pictures as heirlooms of my friends to remember for years to come!