Traditions Tuesdays: Something Old

This Tuesday, I am focusing on the tradition of incorporating something old into weddings. The inspiration for this tradition came to me when my family visited me for Mother's Day this past Sunday. My Grandma and Great Aunt brought various pieces of jewelry that had belonged to my my Great Grandma, who we called Nana. They wanted to pass down a piece of her jewelry to my mom, my sister, and me to remember my Nana by. I loved this idea, because I adore anything that reminds me of my family and my heritage.

Having one of my Nana's bracelets made me think that I would potentially want to wear it at my wedding one day as my something old. I know that my wedding is far in my future (especially since I don't have a guy in my life right now!), but since I work in the wedding industry, these things pass through my mind with frequency. I also love seeing what others incorporate into their weddings, and decided to do some research into special items brides have included in their weddings as their something old.

Wedding Gown

Photography by Amy Arrington

This bride incorporated her something old into her wedding in a large way -- her dress! It was originally her grandmother's, then her mother wore it, and she had it remade to fit her shape and preferred style. I love that. I personally think that I want to have a separate dress from my mom, but I think this sentiment is oh so sweet.


Photography by  Brandon Werth Photography

I love that this picture shows the bride with her momma. The veil you see her wearing is one that was created from the one her mom wore when she was married!

Lace Wrap

Photography by Paperlily Photography

This bride's something old was a bit more subtle, but still very meaningful. She took lace from her mother's wedding dress and used it as the wrap for her bouquet. I am quite smitten with lace, and think this is a very tasteful way of honoring your past; something that I would consider doing myself!


Photography by Peppermint Studios 

The something old from this bride's wedding is similar to my idea of wearing my Nana's bracelet in my wedding. The ring she is wearing is one that her mom made from a pair of her grandmother's earrings. The other earring was made into a ring for her sister. I love that they both share this same piece of their grandmother, and that they can both have the same something old at their weddings if they choose.

What are your favorite something old details? Have you seen any that you have been inspired by recently, or did you include something special in your own wedding? Let me know in the comments below!