Making Things Happen in 2013- Goal Setting Part 2

Live with Purpose and Passion

Part 1 of goal setting for Making Things Happen truly helped me to clarify what works in my life, and what I should stop doing in order to improve myself and my life. It also inspired me to go out and DO more of what fires me up! Make sure to read my answers to Part 1 here and here if you haven't already. Part 2 of Lara Casey's Making Things Happen is broken down into 3 more steps. The first step (step 4) asked us to think of the three biggest lessons we learned from what DID work in 2012. Luckily for me, I was blessed in 2012 and a lot did work. Here are the three overarching lessons I learned from what worked:

  1. Taking time to reflect inward to learn who I am, embracing and loving my true self, and letting my true self shine through in my work and daily life feels fantastic and WORKS. 
  2. Surrounding myself with my closest friends and family is absolutely vital to pure happiness. Time spent with those I love is never wasted.
  3. I feel best when I am doing something to better the life of another person. Brightening someone else's day brightens my own.

Embrace and Love

Step 5 then asked us to think of the three biggest things we learned from what DIDN'T work in 2012.

  1. It is OKAY to make mistakes, as long as I reflect on what went wrong and how to improve myself or the situation in the future.
  2. Thinking that I have everything under control and bottling things up when I'm truly stressed only makes me more stressed. Prayer and long talks with friends honestly help to sort things out and provide clarity and vision. Clarity and vision decrease stress.
  3. Forgetting that my body needs nutrition and rest is just silly. I need to treat myself right in order to remain energized and focused on what matters.

Clarity and Vision

Step 6 was a bit harder for me. Lara asked us to come up with our 2013 vision. She asked us to reflect on what kind of life we want to live this year, where we want to be when we are 80, why do we do what we do, what is our mission, and what is our CORE. So, I'm going to break this down question by question before leading up to my vision.

What kind of life do I want to live this year?

I want to live a simpler life. One that is focused more on family, friends, God, love, and laughter. One with less worrying, less stress about the little things. One where my work is something that I truly enjoy doing, and something that I am eager to put my entire heart and soul into each and every day. One where I always strive to do good and better the lives of others, in turn enriching my own.

Where do I want to be when I am 80?

Oh my! I want to be healthy and lively. I want to be the fun grandma who teaches my grandchildren about random acts of kindness, how to catch magical fireflies, and when peaches and strawberries are best to be picked and eaten. I want to be as in love with, if not more in love with, my husband than I was the day we got married. I want to live near my children so I can be a part of their lives. I want to be a part of a church group. And, I still want to have a core group of friends that I spend time with every week, just as my grandma does.

Why do I do what I do?

Since I do not have a business of my own, or a current full-time job, this question was a bit complicated for me to answer. However, reflecting on my past internships, my position as VP of Philanthropic Service for Sigma Kappa, and my current internship at Southern Weddings, I can say that I do what I do because I find pure joy in making people happy. I know that I have mentioned that a few times in this post, but it is because it is something that I firmly hold as true. Seeing the smile on a bride's face after she has married her husband and has walked into her reception space to see all of the details that we crafted and designed to fit their unique personality DRIVES me. Pouring my whole self into producing an event that benefits the Sigma Kappa Foundation and Alzheimer's research makes me feel like I have a purpose and am making an actual impact in the lives of many. I do what I do to use my God-given talents to give back to others.

What is my mission, my core- my 2013 vision?

My vision for 2013 is to make every minute count. To spend more time on things that matter- family, friends, faith, and finding myself. To truly LIVE with purpose and passion, and cherish every moment. As a second semester senior, I have come to realize that the moments are fleeting, and I must enjoy them to my fullest extent!

Live with Purpose and Passion

If you are also taking part in the Making Things Happen steps, I'd love to hear your responses or see a link to your blog post in the comments below! Seeing others inspired fires me up. And if you haven't started the MTH steps, I encourage you to do so today- it is never to late to begin.