Love Never Fails

I love any excuse to give people gifts, and to create DIY projects. Luckily for me, Valentine's Day is the perfect day to combine both! I wanted to give gifts of appreciation to the ladies at the Southern Weddings office since they have been such an inspiration to me and a joy to work alongside with at my internship each week. The gift that I gave the ladies was a mini heart-shaped biscuit with jam (inspired from the Valentine's Day Breakfast for Two photo shoot I did earlier in the month), a hand written note, and some hand-made heart-shaped confetti all packaged in a small white box. However, I could not leave the box plain! So, I painted one of the Southern Weddings prints "love never fails" on the top of the box and added sparkly gold chevron tape to the rim of the lid.


Lara took this picture after I gave her the gift, and it is styled so beautifully! You can see this picture on the Southern Weddings blog as well. (Yeah, that's right- my work was featured on the Southern Weddings blog! I still feel like someone should pinch me.)


To create the gifts, I used (all products are from Michaels, unless otherwise noted):

  1. A small white box
  2. Sparkly gold chevron tape
  3. Light pink and metallic gold paper (2 sheets each- 1 for confetti and 1 for the notes)
  4. A small paper treat bag
  5. A heart-shaped stamp
  6. Queens Gold embossing powder (from Paper Source)
  7. Versa Mark watermark stamp pad (not shown, from Paper Source)
  8. Heat Embossing Tool (not shown, from Paper Source)
  9. A heart-shaped paper punch
  10. Light pink and white twine (from TJ Maxx)
  11. Pink and mint paint



The first piece of the gift that I crafted was the gift bag that held the biscuits. On the front of the bag, I painted "enjoy!" in the mint paint. I also cut a 2 1/2-inch piece of the chevron tape with cut triangles out of each end and placed it below the writing.

On the back of the bag, I used one of my favorite crafting tools: my heat embossing tool. This process is fairly simple. You can use whatever stamp you'd like, and use the stamp with the watermark stamp pad. Place the inked stamp in your desired location, and press down evenly. It will leave a clear mark, but you will then sprinkle the Queens Gold embossing powder on top of the ink to reveal the shape of the stamp. Tap off any excess powder, then turn on your heat embossing tool and, holding it a few inches away from the bag, move the tool over the shape for a few seconds until the gold becomes shiny as shown above.


The second part of the gift that I crafted was the jam in the mini jars. I found these jars in the bridal section of Michaels. I simply spooned jam into the jars, screwed on the lid, placed the burlap on top (the burlap came with the jars), and tied a piece of the pink and white twine in a bow around the lid. These jars originally came with olive and white twine, but I switched it for the pink to match my color palette.


Next, I carefully drew the "love never fails" print in pencil in my cursive handwriting and then went over the pencil in the pink paint. I then took the sparkly gold chevron tape and, starting at one corner of the lid, wrapped the tape around the center of the rim until it met at the other corner. In order to ensure that the tape would stay in place, I placed two glue dots underneath the tape to secure both ends of the tape to the lid.

Inside the box, I sprinkled a handful of the pink and gold heart-shaped confetti that I crafted using the heart-shaped paper punch. I loved the impact that made!


After placing the confetti, jam, treat bag, and note inside the boxes, I took a piece of the light pink paper that I used for both the confetti and handwritten notes to create name labels for each box. I absolutely love my gold pen from Michaels and think that everyone should own one of their own- I use it on almost a daily basis!

Finally, I went to Biscuitville yesterday morning before my internship to get the biscuits for the treat bags in order to ensure that they were as fresh as possible. I wanted to make biscuits from scratch, but I have not mastered that goal just quite yet. Once I got the biscuits, I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter to transform them into mini heart-shaped biscuits!

The ladies in the office were so fond of these gifts, and their happiness made me oh so happy in return. I cannot express how great of a feeling it is to make someone's day a bit brighter by sharing with them something you took the time to make for them with their personality in mind.

Did you do anything special for your co-workers, friends, and/or loved ones this Valentine's Day? If so, make sure to share the details below!