Christmas Paintings

Painting is truly one of my favorite things to do. I picked it up at a very young age (with finger painting, the best medium), took classes all throughout middle school, high school, and college, and still adore painting in my free time. It's really an indescribable feeling. If any of you have an activity where you begin and get so engrossed in the act of what you are doing, only to look up at the clock and realize that hours have flown by, that is what painting is for me. It's my happy place, my escape. One of my goals for 2013 is to devote more time to creating more original artwork, and I am beyond excited to see what I come up with. 2012 did bring some of my favorite pieces that I currently have hanging in my room and all throughout my apartment. Why buy a home decor item when I can make something more personal? That's always been my motto. Over the holiday break, I got busy and created five new paintings. I really liked the look of "print turned into painting" as I like to coin it. Three of my paintings fell into this category, and really are meant to be Christmas paintings. The other two complemented one of the paintings, yet can be used in combination of another painting or can stand alone.


The first piece I created was a joy to the world painting. I wanted it to have a rustic feel, so I painted it on a piece of wood with a thick-bristled brush. The feminine touch came in with my cursive handwriting of "to the world."


One of my favorite trends from 2012 was the use of chalkboard paint. So, I grabbed another wood slab and painted the base with chalkboard paint. After free-hand sketching this piece, I painted on top of the pencil with white paint. I absolutely loved the result- the white paint really popped against the chalkboard background!


The next painting was inspired by my mom's favorite Christmas song, O Holy Night. However, instead of painting the lyrics from the chorus, I decided to paint the lyrics from her favorite part of the song! I painted the lyrics in a calligraphy style on a large canvas, and placed it above our mantle for a constant reminder of what Christmas should truly signify.




The last two pieces  that surrounded the O Holy Night painting were inspired by Kate Spade stationery that I had recently purchased. However, I gave these pieces my own spin by hand-painting the dots in my own freestyle pattern in gold and silver to match the overall color scheme of our Christmas decor. My favorite aspect of these pieces is the glitter rim that I added around a few of the dots. It was a last minute decision, and one that I really think enhances the paintings! I love these two pieces so much and am currently contemplating a place for them in my apartment.

I hope y'all enjoy viewing these paintings as much as I enjoyed creating them! If and when I create new pieces, I'll make sure to upload them in a new post. I cannot wait to see what inspiration this year brings!