A Brief Christmas 2012 Review

Oooh Christmas, how I love thee. In addition to celebrating Christ, this Christmas season was particularly special because all of the relatives on my moms side of the family gathered at our house for the past week to celebrate. I love the time that I get to spend with them, which doesn't come frequently since half of them live in New Jersey and the other half live in Florida. So, that's why I knew I had to cherish every bit of their time here (hence the lack of blog posts).

I am going to write multiple blog posts in the days to come about visiting with my family, the gifts I wrapped, the sweet treats I made, the pieces I painted, and the tables I designed and set. But for now, here's a sneak peak into what I got into over the past week:







I hope y'all had as fantastic of a Christmas season as I did! Did you do anything fun? Design anything pretty? Be sure to leave a comment below!