As I Enter A New Chapter In My Life...

Recently, a door opened into a new chapter of my life. It is something that I have been working ardently at achieving for quite some time, and is something that I cannot wait to share with y'all...soon enough. But for now, I simply want to express how excited I am for this new opportunity. I am a firm believer in two main things. The first is that you must find what makes you tick. What is it that you find your mind wandering to when you are daydreaming or falling asleep? Typically, it is that thing that you are most passionate about. Grab that thing by its horns and figure out how to make it your own. For me, my thing is design. I am shamelessly passionate about reading about different design techniques, poring over pages upon pages of excellently executed wedding and event design, writing about unique design finds, and creating designs of my own. I feel so blessed to finally understand and accept that that is what I love, and that it is what I want to focus my career and future on. It's a great feeling.

The second thing that I believe in is that once you discover what your thing is, you must work very hard to be your best at it. Not someone else's idea of what your best should be, but what you know is your best. I know that I am going to continue learning about design for years to come, and that the learning will never truly end. But that is exhilarating to me rather than frightening. I want to continue to learn to strengthen my best. Don't you?

I am quite obsessed with finding quotations on Pinterest, and found a handful that I feel represent the two things I just spoke about and the new life chapter I am about to enter. Take a look, and try to really absorb the meaning behind the words. They have inspired me, and I hope they inspire you as well.






that's right.

So what are you waiting for? Go find your thing. And rock at it.