Guest Post on Blair Blogs

I absolutely adore the holiday season. Friends and family gathering together, free from the obligations of work and school, only thinking about the love they have for one another. It just warms my little heart! One of the best ways to gather your friends and family is to host a holiday party. This year, my family is hosting our annual Christmas dinner party at our house, and I have been chosen to design and implement the event. Planning and designing a party, especially a holiday party, can be a ton of fun. However, you must ensure that you have a plan to follow before you begin.


My friend Blair from Blair Blogs asked me to share my advice about how to design, plan, and prepare for such a party. So, I came up with 13 steps to plan and design your perfect holiday party.


Head on over to my post on Blair Blogs to read about my plans for my holiday party, and ways you can design and create your own!