Holiday Series: DIY Gift Tags

Over the past two days, I showed y'all how to create DIY mugs and hot cocoa cones for a holiday gift. Today, I'm going to show you how to wrap them up in a glittery and affordable way! After searching through Pinterest to find the perfect printable gift tags, I stumbled upon some from the website Grey Likes Weddings. She shared her own technique of gift wrapping (which, I might add is absolutely stunning), and included a link to free printable gift tags from MaeMae Paperie. Visit her website for the free download! gift boxes

suppliesMakes: 3 gift boxes

Time: 15-20 minutes

Things You'll Need

  1. Gift boxes. I fell head over heels for these glitter gift boxes from Target ($5 each)
  2. Cardstock to print the gift tags
  3. Scissors to cut the gift tags
  4. A pen to write on the gift tags. I chose a fun gold pen!
  5. A ribbon punch, found at your local craft store. I found mine at Michaels
  6. 2 contrasting ribbons of your choice. I chose red and gold to carry the gold theme throughout the previous DIY projects included in this gift



  1. Download the pdf of the gift tags
  2. Print on white cardstock paper
  3. Cut around the edges of the gift tags. I chose to use two tags per gift, since there were so many fun tags to choose from
  4. Fill in the "to" and "from" sections of the tag with pen in the color of your choice
  5. Using your ribbon punch, punch holes in the top of your tagsclose up
  6. String the ribbon through the holes from the back, so you can have the knots or bows show through the front of the tag
  7. Loop the ribbon from the first tag through the ribbons on the top of the gift boxes
  8. Loop the ribbon from the second tag through the ribbon of the first taggifts
  9. Fill the gift boxes with your mug and hot cocoa (and mini peppermint schnapps as I did, if your recipient is of age!) and close the box

Now, you're ready to give a fun gift to your friends, family, and co-workers! I hope y'all enjoyed my DIY Holiday Series. If you implement any of my ideas, let me know in the comments section below!