Holiday Series: DIY Hot Cocoa Cones

Today is the second day of my Holiday Series! I hope y’all enjoyed the DIY mugs I showed you how to make yesterday. Today’s post will show you how to make a gift to fill those mugs. It’s the DIY hot cocoa cones that my mom and I make every year for Christmas! These hot cocoa cones are extremely simple to make and always elicit ooh’s and ahh’s from friends and family when we give them as gifts. You may see similar versions of these sold in stores for about $5, but our cones are only $1 or less to produce. Put the finished product inside your DIY holiday mug and you’re 2/3 of the way done with your holiday present this year!


Makes: 1 hot cocoa cone- each cone makes 2 mugs worth of hot cocoa

Preparation: 5 minutes

Things You’ll Need

  1. 1 Wilton piping bag
  2. 2 packets of hot cocoa mix
  3. A handful of chocolate chips of your preference- I used Nestle semisweet
  4. A handfull of marshmallows
  5. Ribbon of your choice- I used gold to match the gold I used on the mugs from yesterday's post


  1. Open the bag wide enough so it resembles a conephoto-14
  2. Carefully pour the 2 packets of hot cocoa mix into the piping bag. Try to get the packets as far down into the bag as possible before letting the mix come out of the bag so it does not leave a powdery residue on the top part of the bagphoto-13
  3. Pour your chocolate chips in the bag on top of the hot cocoa mixphoto-12
  4. Pour your marshmallows in the bag on top of the chocolate chipsphoto-10
  5. Twist the empty space at the top of the bag and tie with a ribbon


Easy peasy, right? These take about five minutes to assemble and are as cute as a button! Make sure to tell your friends that this one bag will make two servings of hot chocolate so they do not pour all of the mix into one mug! Check back in tomorrow for the final post of my Holiday Series to see a pretty way to wrap the mug and hot cocoa cones. And remember to look at Blair Blogs on Monday to read my guest post!