Holiday Series: DIY Holiday Mug

I've got a little holiday treat for y'all! Over the next three days, I will be sharing a Holiday Series of DIY projects that you can use to brighten up your holiday gift-giving. All of these projects will lead up to my guest post on Monday about holiday party planning on my friend Blair's blog, Blair Blogs. The first DIY project in my Holiday Series is DIY holiday mugs. The idea was inspired by a post I found on Pinterest that showed cute, handwritten phrases on simple mugs. I loved the idea, and loved the simplicity of the project even more! Follow the steps below to re-create your own holiday mug.

DIY Holiday Mugs


Things You'll Need

  1. A plain mug. The best, cheapest place to find these mugs is at your local dollar store. You can also find them at WalMart, Target, and other similar stores for higher prices.
  2. A sharpie. You can choose whichever color and size of Sharpie you prefer. I chose a gold metallic, semi-thick sized sharpie for a festive holiday design.

Those are the only two materials you need! It's much cheaper than buying a pre-made mug, and much more sentimental if you ask me.



  1. Preheat your oven to 350.
  2. Clean your mug. I know this may sound like a silly step, but you don't want your Sharpie getting stuck on dust.
  3. Choose the sayings you want to write on your mug. The options are endless. I made these mugs as gifts for my roommates, so I knew I wanted to personalize them. I wrote 'tis the season on one side of each mug, and then wrote their monogram on the opposite side!
  4. Carefully begin writing on the mug, and repeat the strokes several times. I found that I had to go over my writing two to three times before it reached the desired thickness and color that I wanted.
  5. Place the mug in the oven (once it has reached 350) and bake for 30 minutes.
  6. Let cool, and you're done! The mugs should be dishwasher safe at this point, and ready to gift.

My roommates all loved these mugs, and I'm sure your friends and family will too. Make sure to keep checking back over the next few days to see the other DIY projects I have in store for my Holiday Series!