Black Friday Success

The sales from Black Friday are always excellent. However, I haven't had the urge to join the rush of early-morning shoppers at 5 am since I was in high school. It's quite disheartening that some stores opened on Thanksgiving night this year to begin their sales. That's still family time! Plus, I waited until 11:30 on Friday to begin my shopping and still got great deals on everything I wanted. This year, I was mostly looking for crafting goods and Christmas decorations. Naturally, I went to Michaels. I have a slight obsession with that store. I don't want to give away exactly how I'm planning to decorate for Christmas, but here's a very discrete glimpse into the items that will be in my house come holiday time:

One item I purchased on Black Friday form Michaels that I am beyond happy to brag about is this Martha Stewart craft station.

It is a station that illuminates with an LED light so I can use the stencils to trace and cut my future crafting endeavors. It also comes with an embossing toolkit, which is the aspect I am most looking forward to using. I am also excited about the built in paper cutter, which is much nicer than the last paper cutter I owned. I've started playing around a little bit with the stencils and embossing kit, and cannot wait to see how my creations improve as I get more accustomed to using the station.

Black Friday did not only bring great crafting and decorative purchases.

It also brought great food! Look how big this slice of pizza is! It was probably twice the size of my head. It is from Mario's, one of my family's favorite local pizza places. This slice was exactly what I wanted to hit the spot after an afternoon of shopping and mentally preparing the layout of our Christmas decorations.

Now, I'm cozying up on the couch with mom watching re-runs of Friends while drinking hot chocolate. It is the perfect end to a great Thanksgiving break.