Southern Weddings V5 Launch Party

This past Thursday, I experienced the most beautiful, fabulous night of my life thus far. Southern Weddings Magazine had a launch party to celebrate the release of their fifth print magazine, otherwise known as V5. I have been an avid reader of Southern Weddings ever since I was introduced to them by my boss at Rebecca Rose Events this summer. I keep up with their daily posts on their website and have ordered two copies of each version of the magazines that are left in stock. Needless to say, I was just a little bit excited to attend this party and meet the SW ladies.

The anticipation for the event started on Wednesday when I received this package in the mail with...

THESE beauties inside! Come on y'all, they have gold foil lettering on them. How awesome is that? I also absolutely love that each package comes with a handwritten note and signatures from each of the SW ladies. Clearly they value their readers, which is a quality that I attribute to their good Southern background.

Of course I Instagrammed the picture, and Southern Weddings commented on it! That made me even more giddy and excited for the party.

Thursday night finally arrived, and I got to mingle with old and new friends. I attended the launch party with my friend Emily, and we met up with Rachel who I know from some of my classes. She introduced us to her friend Callie, who is such a doll. Don't you love this gold backdrop we're posing in front of? It's given me a lot of inspiration for photo shoots at future events I plan!

After snapping a few pictures, we were immediately welcomed with a "howdy" and a sweet tea bar! As delectable as the sweet tea was, I was more enamored with the gold glitter adorned cards and picture frames. I instantly recognized the frames as the ones from Ikea that I used in my silent auction. Once again, these got my creative wheels turning for how I can upgrade my plain white frames for future parties and events.

If sweet tea wasn't quite the drink to wet your whistle, there were also old fashioned bottles of Cheerwine- another southern delicacy. My cousin Amelia would have been in Heaven since Cheerwine is her all-time favorite aspect of North Carolina.

There was plenty to munch on at the party- with food ranging from a biscuit bar to mini chicken n' waffles. Of course, my favorite part of the food was the sweets! They served cotton candy and popcorn, but I caved and grabbed one of these mini apple pies. How could I not? There were plenty of pies to choose from in honor of their Blue Ribbon Bounty editorial, but the apple pie was calling my name. It's my all-time favorite sweet and this little gem sure was tasty. I was a happy camper!

I took my mini treat and tea over to one of these high boy tables to pause and eat. The gold glitter theme was carried throughout the entire event. I was head over heels for the gold glitter mason jars with cotton instead of flowers. How much more southern can you get than that? And needless to say, the gold sequined tablecloth was the icing on top of the cake (or powdered sugar on top of the pie, in my case).

Then came the true treat of the night. Each of the SW ladies gave an inspirational speech about V5 and what Southern Weddings, and weddings in general, mean to them. Words cannot begin to express how amazing it was to have the chance to listen to what each of them had to say. It was so nice to hear how much they truly believe in the love behind weddings more than just the glitz and glammar of the design. These ladies are some of the most genuine, kind-hearted, family-loving, and passionate women that I have ever been in the presence of. They ended their speeches with a reading of their motto, otherwise known as the Sweet Tea Society.

After their speeches and toast, the band started to play and all of us began to mingle and have fun with the various activities in the room. My favorite was the photo booth from The Cheese with fun props to use. I loved the bow tie, moustache, and big lips! I also loved getting to take pictures with my boss, Becca (in the bottom group of pictures), from this past summer! Reuniting with her and the rest of the gang was such a treat.

The other fun activity was cornhole- with a set personalized for Southern Weddings! That bow tie is just too darn cute.

I ended the night by meeting some of the SW ladies, namely Emily, Marissa, and Lara. I got to take a picture with Lara, who is the founder and Editor in Chief of the magazine. I would have about fainted if she wasn't so sweet and made me feel so comfortable! I loved how easy all three of them were to talk to. I did not have the chance to meet Nicole or Kristin, but I'm going to make sure I meet them at their Gingerbread Barn Building Competition that's coming up right around the corner!

I left the night with such a happy mindset and a tote full of Southern Weddings goodies. They provided everyone at the event with this adorable "Bless Your Heart" tote that contained a copy of the Sweet Tea Society motto and a magazine. That makes it my third copy of V5, since I preordered two (one to save and one to cut pictures out of for inspiration boards, of course).

Once I cozied up on my couch to unwind from the evening, I began uploading all of the pictures to Instagram. When I was browsing my Instagram newsfeed last night, I noticed that Southern Weddings uploaded a screenshot photo from the pictures that used the hashtag #v5launch. Recognize any of the pictures below?

The top two rows of pictures, and the first picture in the second row, are all ones that I uploaded! That was just so neat to see.

I had such a blast at the V5 Launch Party, and cannot wait to be back at the Carolina Inn at the beginning of December for the Gingerbread Barn Building Competition!