My Brother is Going to College Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, my not-so-little brother is leaving for his freshman year at the University of Florida. That's so weird to me! I cannot believe he's already starting college, both he and I don't seem old enough for that to be happening yet. It's strange, because the only time that it will truly be noticeable that he is "gone" is when I am home for fall break and he is still at school. Aside from breaks and random weekend visits at home, I typically don't see my siblings when I'm at Elon. But the fact that he won't be home until Thanksgiving break just doesn't seem quite right. I guess it is so different since I go to school an hour away and he will be nine hours away.

I never thought I'd say it, but I'm going to miss his witty banter at the dinner table, his talk about video games that I will never wrap my mind around, the way he tries to get our little sister's attention by annoying her, yelling at him to eat something aside from Oreos for breakfast, and having to wash my hands after I touch or eat anything nut-related so he doesn't have an allergic reaction.

I tried to have a sit-down chat with him the other night to "impart my wisdom" about what I've learned in college so far, and although I think I gave some pretty good advice I'm hoping he figures out how to make it on his own. I'm hoping that by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, he'll have a few stories to tell about everything he has done and what activities he's been involved in on campus. I just want him to have as much fun as I've had at Elon!

Here's a few of my favorite family pictures with my newest college student:

So, if you're reading this, goodbye for now my not-so-little brother and soon to be Gator! You better keep in touch.