Design Updates for My Blog

This weekend, I devoted a decent amount of time to updating my blog. I really wanted to create a custom header for myself and switch up the color scheme as well. So, I played around on my free trial of Adobe Illustrator for quite a few hours, and came up with a new look that I really like! Here's the transition from old to new:

This was how my blog looked after I originally purchased the custom design upgrade and played around with the different fonts and colors. But, I still didn't have a custom header picture.

I'm completely obsessed with the color pink, so I knew that I wanted to incorporate that into my picture. I liked how this looked when I drew it using the paintbrush calligraphy pen in Illustrator, but once I uploaded it, it seemed a little bland with all of the white space in the middle of the blog.

So, I decided to revert the colors! I still drew this by hand with the calligraphy paintbrush, so it is an original design. The Lifestyle & Design text was created by making a textbox in Illustrator and typing the words with the font Trajan Pro.

I was beyond pleased with my new picture, but I didn't like how it looked against the yellow gingham. I wanted something that was a bit more soothing to the eyes while keeping the same look. Simply switching to a light blue gingham did the trick! It's nice and soft, while still having a lot of fun color, which is a must.

Finally, I created a blog icon, which is the small square icon that is displayed on the tab of your web browser. I wanted it to be similar to my header picture, but knew it had to be something that would look good condensed into a tiny size. I went back to Illustrator and created a picture that resembled the "j" from my header picture. I think it's a pretty good tie-in!

So there ya have it, here's my new and improved blog design! I'm sure that I'll continue to update it over time, and I'll let you know how I do so if it is a major change. Hopa ya like it as much as I do.