A Pretty Approach to Home Organization

It's about time to move back to Elon! I officially start classes in 20 days, and I'll be moving into my new apartment in 18 days. This is the first time that I've counted down the days and it seems so much sooner than I thought. I've brought the majority of my belongings to my place already, but haven't truly organized anything at all. Here's some of my inspiration for how to keep things arranged in both an easy and pretty manner:

The Kitchen

My new place is great and spacious, but our kitchen is much smaller than the kitchen in my last apartment. There's much less counter space and storage for all of the cooking and baking supplies I own. And the snacks. And I'm a big snacker so this problem needs to be fixed. Here's some clever ideas I found on Pinterest:

I typically keep my bananas and other fruits that I don't need kept in the refrigerator in a big bowl on my counter. However, this magazine rack would fit perfectly between the cabinets and our window. And it's pretty cute too!

This is a really blurry picture (Pinterest doesn't always provide the highest quality or same-sized photos), but I love the idea. Since I don't have room for a spice rack, taking a broom holder and adhering it to one of the cabinet doors is an excellent way to store all of my spices and herbs.

Last year, I had them stacked on one of our cabinet shelves since we had so much room- but this seems like a more appropriate way to keep them for this year. They're much easier to access this way too.

I've always tried to cram foil and plastic wrap into a drawer, and storing them in this manner will free up an entire drawer for other utensils. Plus, plates never stack that high anyway, so it won't be interfering with anything!

The Bathroom

Unlike my kitchen problem, my bathroom actually has a larger countertop this year! Even though there's more space, I still want to keep things neat and organized. Some of my thoughts include:

Take a guess at how much this costs. Oh, probably less than $5. It's simply two plates and a candlestick that have been glued together, using all things that can be bought at the dollar store. It takes the clutter off of the counter and it's an elegant display. That's a win/win in my book.

I can't remember if my bathroom has drawers, or just cabinet space. But, if it does have drawers I am definitely buying some dividers to keep things separated. No more lip gloss rolling around when you shut the drawer!

If I Had a Million Dollars...

I would implement all of these ideas:

I would remove the top of my dresser and replace it with glass, then remove the top drawer of the dresser and replace it with cubbies to organize and display all of my jewelry.

I would have this fabulous washer/dryer area with space for storage and a folding table on top of the appliances. I've never seen a laundry room look so pretty!

I'd have a mini fridge that extends from my kitchen island.

And a walk-in pantry behind my appliance wall (um...what? this would be one of my top choices).

I guess this version is pretty cool too. Ya know, it's just got it's own serving counter. No big deal.

I'd have a crafting room with a table constructed of cubbies on each side for the perfect amount of storage.

And most importantly, I'd have THIS closet. This is Mariah Carey's insanely beautiful walk-in closet. It's bigger than some store dressing room's I've been in! I would have so much fun trying my outfits on if I had such a spacious closet. Oooh maybe one day.

So, there ya have it. My realistic approach to organizing my apartment, and my over-the-top dream home desires. All of these ideas can be found, with the links to their original websites, on my For the Home Pinterest board. Feel free to check out my other ideas on that board as well. I've got tons of design and decorating inspiration on there, but that would be for an entirely different post!