End Of Summer Bucket List

Oh my goodness I can't believe it's already the first day of August. It's the first day of the last month of summer. The last month of my summer internship. The last month before I'm officially a college senior. The last month of potentially living at home. Ever. It's so strange! So, I thought that it would be fitting to make an end of summer bucket list for myself. I've got 25 days until I leave for Elon, and I plan to jam as much into those 25 days as I can. Here's some of what I'm hoping to do with my time:

  1. Go to Blowing Rock with my family.
  2. Take the eating tour of Winston-Salem.
  3. Continue going to the gym to get back into my best shape, even on days when it's much more appealing to come home and sit on the back porch with my dog.
  4. Step outside of the gym and start running outside so I'll be used to it when it comes time for the Color Run in November.
  5. Continue eating healthy. Enjoy the sweets and indulgences, but eat healthy for the most part.
  6. Start cooking and baking more! Boy do I miss doing that. Old favorites to make: mom's fruit pizza, chocolate chip cookies, marble brownies, and that chicken dish with fig preserves and prosciutto (swear it's good). New things to learn: apple pie, cake from scratch, zucchini bread, pasta googazile (not quite sure how to spell that...Nana's recipe), and grandma's pasta sauce and meatballs.
  7. Oh, and learn how to make homemade sweet tea.
  8. Make playlists of all of my music so I don't get annoyed that Usher comes on when I'm trying to listen to my country music. There's a time and place for both, and I want them separated!
  9. Go through my clothes and give away the ones that I really never wear, even though I swear that one day I'll want to wear that shirt from high school (yeah, that day never really comes).
  10. Enter all of the important dates and events into my new planner.
  11. Organize as many of the details of my fall philanthropy events as possible, and create designs for each of them.
  12. Finish crafting my inspiration boards.
  13. Get a sketchbook and some colored pencils so I can draw designs when they pop into my head.
  14. Come up with a signature logo for myself/my blog.
  15. Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator before my free trial runs out.
  16. Try to figure out what inspires me the most in life, and try to translate that into what I want to do with myself career-wise (this one will take much longer than these 25 days).
  17. Finish the Hunger Games series (I'm currently about mid-way through the second book).
  18. Start saving my money for all of the fun things I'll want to do with my friends this year. A trip to a local winery after my 21st or tickets to a concert will be much more memorable than a new dress.
  19. Re-read all of the history lessons that I find interesting now that I vaguely remember from high school because I thought history was a miserable subject at that age. Now I'm just so curious.
  20. Play with my dog, Sophie, whenever she wants to. She can be a bit needy at times but she's my little ball of adorable and I'm going to miss her after I leave home. Also hang out with my siblings more frequently. We're all starting big milestones this year- my last year of college, Nick's first year of college, and Julia's first year of high school. That's big! Oh, and of course make sure that my parents know how much I love them. I think they do though :)
  21. Keep going to Church every Sunday, and make sure it's something I continue once I get to Elon.
  22. Go back to Elon as frequently as I can to enjoy the last bits of Camp Elon.
  23. Start watching Modern Family.
  24. Finish at least Season Two of Breaking Bad. I'm on Season One now and it's starting to get addicting, even though I thought I'd hate it at first.
  25. Kick butt at the rest of my internship, and learn as much as possible along the way.

So there ya go, 25 goals for my bucket list to complete in the last 25 days of summer. Hopefully I'll complete, or at least start all of them! And always remember to...

Live by this quote:

Remember this on a day I'm feeling down:

Live well and honestly:

Give every instant my all:

Have a positive outlook every morning:

Always laugh. It's the best, and this is one of my favorite quotes:

Never, ever:

And always remember:

Here's to the rest of the summer and what it has in store.