Weekend At Elon Recap

I love the dynamic of Elon in the summer. There's a much smaller group of people on campus and everyone hangs out with one another. It's also a bonus that some of my best friends are in the group of people who are at Elon now! I try to visit as frequently as I can, since the majority of people I know from high school are out of town this summer. And as much as I adore my family, it's great to get the chance to hang out with my friends. In honor of the opening ceremony of the Olympics, we decided to have a Team USA themed party on Friday!

I made some of the gold medal snacks that I showed in my last blog post. They were super easy to make and tasted nice and sweet. It's hard to see the ribbons since they're red on top of a red serving tray. But, the medals are simply a Golden Oreo with half of a Fruit by the Foot placed inside the Oreo and formed into a small loop. I'd definitely recommend making them for any similar themed parties.

Of course, we had to dress up in American-themed clothes to rep Team USA! And as I've mentioned before, I just love dressing up for themed parties so I was more than thrilled to choose an outfit this night.

After a fun-filled night of cheering on our country, most of us girls went to Panera for brunch on Saturday morning. That's pretty much a staple for us at Elon and I'm glad we got to do it again this weekend! Blueberry bagel, sliced and toasted with reduced fat honey walnut cream cheese? Yes pleeaseee.

Once brunch was through, my parents met me back at my apartment so we could tackle painting the rest of our walls. Let's just say that this was definitely a day-long process, and one that I'm glad is over. I like painting canvases with patterns and details, but painting a wall can get a bit repetitive. However, I'm really happy with how the colors turned out.

Our downstairs kitchen/living room area had been painted the dark teal blue that you can see in the left corner of this picture. It was a cool color, but a bit too dark for our liking. So, we decided to go with a pretty minty seafoam color to brighten the place up a bit!

Once we had painted the living room section of the wall, we actually decided that it looked kind of cool to keep the kitchen this darker color as a colorblocking accent wall. It looks silly in this photo, since you can only see part of the kitchen. But, it looks great in person. However, if my other three roommates decide they want to make the walls completely seafoam, we've got some more paint left over from this weekend's project!

Caroline and I are sharing a bathroom, and both of our favorite colors are pink. So, of course it was fitting to paint our bathroom a fun, light pink color! The wall had been painted a bright orange color, and we knew that might not be the most welcoming color to wake up to in the morning. This softer color will definitely be more pleasing to our groggy morning eyes. I can't wait until we fully decorate both rooms so that our new apartment begins to feel more like a home :)

After a long day of painting, we ordered takeout from Prego's and watched some of the Olympics. Then, I said goodbye to my parents and went to hang out with my friends once again. I had the best weekend, and I wish that I could keep going back! I've got weddings to work each weekend until school starts, but I'm going to try to make it up to Elon with as much frequency as possible. What can I say, I just love the bubble.