Olympics Party Inspiration Board

There's only one day left until the Olympics! I'm so excited to get together with some of my friends and watch the opening ceremony and games. And you know that with my event planning/design mind, I had to create an inspiration board filled with the details that I would include at my ideal Olympics themed party. Take a look-

  1. A fun and simple snack to serve would be these festive Twizzlers treats. I personally prefer the peel-apart kind, so I'd have a variety of the two to please everyone.
  2. Orange juice would be served using my favorite striped paper straws. And those cookies? Yup, they're gold medals made out of Oreos. Such a clever idea that I'd love to replicate.
  3. I'd send invitations on colorful, American-themed card stock.
  4. Of course I'd have cupcakes, and I love that these are topped with American flags!
  5. This would be a super cute way to display those cupcakes.
  6. If people wanted something salty, they could snack on these popcorn cones that look like torches.
  7. I about died when I saw these Olympic diver cookies diving into a glass of milk. They're so cool!!
  8. Everyone would hydrate with some of this fruit punch or sangria (depending on age) with red, white, and blue fruit.

Feel free to click on the words in pink for links to the websites where I found my inspiration. I'd specifically like to recognize Mirabelle Creations, A Small Snippet, Heather Christo Cooks, and Punchbowl for their fabulous creations.

What would y'all include in your Olympics party decor? Leave a comment below and let me know!