Today, I Bought Just A Few Things

Soo today I might have done a little bit of shopping. Some window shopping, some splurge shopping, and some bargain shopping. That all balances out, right? I got off of work about an hour early today, so I had a bit of time to spend before going to my hair cut at 5. What's the most logical time-waster? Window shopping, hands down. I started off at a cool little consignment boutique called Snob Shop to see if they had any Lilly Pulitzer dresses at a discounted price (I've gotten some really good snags there before to wear to tailgates!). Well, they had some dresses, but none in my size. Oh well!

Then, I went to Thruway shopping center and bopped around between The Jewel Box, Anne Taylor Loft, and Bevello. Each store had some seriously cute items, but nothing that I needed. I've been trying to clean my room lately and have found that I've just accumulated too many clothes over the years. I either need to learn to let go of some of them, or get more storage space. But I probably shouldn't be buying anymore "cute but unnecessary" clothes for the time being.

After all of that, it was time for my hair cut. Embarrassingly enough, I hadn't gotten it cut since January. I'll let you imagine how dead my ends were. But, the woman who cut my hair at Aveda did a fabulous job! I didn't really want anything new- just a trim and some more layers, and she did just that.

She also reccommended that I purchase these two items that she used when she was styling my hair. I know that I need to give it some much needed lovin, so these were my two splurge items of the day.

I also decided to get a pack of this tea that they offered me as I was waiting for my stylist to be through with her previous client. It's so good! It tastes like licorice and mint. And it's caffeine-free, so I can drink it at night to unwind. Ahh I'm excited, I love a good hot tea :)

Once I was finished oogling over my pretty, healthy new hair, I decided to go home. Buuut I got a little bit sidetracked along the way...

I knew I had about 45 minutes until dinner, so I took a slight detour and went to T.J. Maxx before going home. And I'm glad I did! They have the best stuff at such amazing prices. Like this drink dispenser? $15!! That's half price. I can use it for my personal entertaining and for my philanthropy events. Score.

Then, when I was waiting in line in the checkout aisle I saw THESE. Y'all. They had Martha Stewart edge punches at half price. It might be hard to understand why I'm so excited about this, but we use these all the time in the RRE office and they're typically quite pricey! And now I get two cute patterns for the price of one. I'm going to have the best looking paper items at Elon, that's for sure. I'm literally obsessed with the daisy fan punch, it makes the paper look absolutely stunning. Double score.

And now, I'm starting my five day weekend. Yup, you heard me. I've got another little vacation! Becca is going to visit her family in Texas so I get this time all to myself. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with my free time. Tonight I finally started cutting pictures out of my Southern Weddings magazines to post on my inspiration boards (I'll upload pics once I've finished the boards), and tomorrow I think I'm getting manicures with mom and going to the pool! I need to tan, that's for sure.

Then, who knows. I'll probably make another trip out to Elon to hang out with everyone, possibly hang out with my friend/co-intern Ellie, and maybe even go to Blowing Rock mountains on Sunday with the fam! Whatever it is, I'll sure to write alll about it on here :) Night all.